Keep Calm And Clip Them Claws!!

^^^^^^ Try saying that 10 times really fast! HAHAH..

So just a few days ago, I posted about Dexter’s incredibly LOOOOOOONG claws.
I finally managed to grab my mumma to help me and we tackled the stressful event that is cutting his claws.

As I said in the post a few days ago, you CAN take your hamster to the vet to get this done, but in my opinion you are paying money to do something you can do at home. If anything, I think its more distressing taking them to a vet because the smell of all them other animals tends to spook hamsters pretty badly in the first place. And thats BEFORE you start trying to clip the claws.

I didn’t manage to take any photos of the event. Every hand was busy trying to hold Dexter still.
He really can wiggle and fidget when he wants to!
Even thought I was going to pull his leg off at one stage!
But we finally managed to clip all of his claws to a much more healthy length.

Here is the before picture of Dexters unruly paws…
Long hamster claws, in need of a clip!

It’s a little hard to see but we were mainly concerned with that front paw.

It wasn’t even like they were sharp claws! They were just SO long that they would soon impede his ability to eat and maybe even run!

And here is the after piccy 🙂 …
Clipped claws, a much healthier length!

I even think I could clip some more off of certain toes there!
But it is a much needed improvement I can assure you.

And also it would have been risky to clip them claws any shorter at this stage because of them blood vessels within the nail (called the ‘quick’ if you remember that diagram from the other day). As they are now shorter, the quick will recede further back into the nail which means I can clip them again in a week or twos time and I should be able to clip shorter than this even.

It has to be a gradual thing to stop me from hurting little Dexter’s tootsy’s! 😀
Well now that ordeal is over, I need a glass of wine to relax myself hahah! I’m glad I don’t have to do this very often as its not much fun at all!

At least he no longer looks like Freddy Krueger though…

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2 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Clip Them Claws!!

  1. WOW – You got a grade mani and pedi my friend. Awesome. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Aww cute. I had to end up taking my hamster, butterscotch to the animal doctor to get his nails clipped. The doctors said that he behaved very well though.

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