“Does Fresh Fruit & Veg Make My Hamster SMELLY?”

I am pretty sure I have ranted and raved about the goodness of apples before on here…Munchings and crunchings! Apple for Cas!
For hamsters, apples are brilliant! Full of moisture, perfect for hydration, with that sweetness to give them energy and set their little taste buds alive! (Masterchef need me as a voice over person or something, I know!)

So I am bringing this up again because I wanted to show you Casper tucking into a chunk of apple. Dexters methods are ‘shove into the cheek’ which isn’t so interesting to watch as its over and done with in 2 seconds flat (if that)!
Casper likes to munch and crunch and chase his food around the work surface which is MUCH more interesting to watch.

More to the point of this post however, someone actually said to me the other day, they didn’t feed their rodents fresh fruit or veg ever because (apparently) it made them smellier
I think that is a very cruel thing. Dry hamster food is fine to give hammys their needed nutrients and sure it’ll keep them alive but fresh fruit and veg breaks up the diet! Imagine if you were fed the same muesli day in day out for your ENTIRE life, you’d get pretty fed up and bored of it!
Okay so hamsters aren’t human. But they deserve a little variation in their diets! I have never thought any of my hamsters were smelly down to their diet and I have always fed them this kind of thing from day one!

Understandably, too many greens will give your small furry a dicky-tum but thats why everything is in moderation and I even posted a list of good foods and bad foods for hamsters and other small critters.

Remember Dexter stuffing his face with fresh apple ?!

Remember Dexter stuffing his face with fresh apple ?!

So refer to that if you are positively stuck on what to feed your furry!

I find you don’t even need to go out of your way to do this either. When you are cooking, if you peel a carrot, save that peeling and give it to your hamster. When you chop tomatoes, leave out a slice for your hamster, same goes for the lettuce leaves (small size portion only of course) and any other additions like cucumber for example. You can even feed them the end of the banana thats always a bit icky for you to eat – they won’t care, they’ll demolish it!

Its so important to give your pet a rich and full life, I think leaving out treats like this is so unfair on them.

What do you think??
Let me know in the comments bit below! Or if you have any questions about what is good and what isn’t so good to feed a hamster then drop me an email: hamsterdiaries@yahoo.co.uk
I try to answer all messages within 48 hours 🙂

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2 thoughts on ““Does Fresh Fruit & Veg Make My Hamster SMELLY?”

  1. I don’t know about hamsters, but mom always saves me that last bit of banana, a slice of cucumber, and a tiny, itty-bitty taste of whatever she’s eating. Whenever a visitor wants to share food with me, Mom says it can only be the size of her pinky nail. That’s tiny, but still yummy.

    Love and licks and I’m not allowed to gain weight,

  2. amomo

    What about diabetes? Particularly for the older dwarf hams?

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