So I mentioned a few weeks ago (I forget the exact date) about Dexter’s TALONS.
I don’t understand how or why but Dexter’s claws grow at an incredible speed! With the amounts of running the little guy does, I don’t understand quite how they get to the lengths they do!

LONG hamster claws !<—- Check them out!!

They are stupidly long!
And way way back, when Casper had a long claw, it got caught and ripped and there was even a little infection to clear up! Remember that sad picture of Casper with a bloody swollen paw?!

Well basically, this has led me to keep a VERY close eye on both hamsters claws and paws as I don’t want any trips to the vet!

So when I see that Dexters claws have somehow managed to get this long, I realise its about time to have them clipped before he gets them caught anywhere.

I already have to be careful if hes crawling along any of my jumpers because he regularly gets his claws stuck and ends up panicking and freaking out! I have to then quickly and gently release his toe before he ends up hurting himself!

But anyway, onto claw-clipping.
You can of course take you hamster to the vet to have their claws clipped but to be perfectly honest, you at home can do an equally as good of a job as they can. You don’t need a Degree in Veterinarian Science to be able to clip hammy claws.

 As long as you follow a careful guideline you can’t go wrong. nail-cutting-pictureAnd all you need is a pair of normal human nail clippers and probably an extra set of hands to hold your hammy still.

Now the diagram to the right is actually for a doggy blog (click on it to go to that blog) but the method is essentially the same for hamsters. Except dogs obviously are a lot bigger to see this.

There are blood vessels inside of the nail so you can’t go lopping off the whole thing or else there will be a lot of blood and a very distressed hamster on your hands!

You need to cut just short of the tip, at a slight angle, about 45 degrees away from the paw. This will give you the best chance of avoiding this inner claw bit.

When me and my sister clipped Dexters claws a few months ago, we clipped one of his claws a little too short, and it bled very slightly for a moment. If you do this too its nothing to worry about, just maybe take a break from claw clipping and let your little furry relax a little before continuing.

I shall clip Dexter’s claws real soon and post the results.

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One thought on “Paws Up For A MANICURE!

  1. Mom takes me to Petco for clipping. She made her last dog bleed and now she is gun-shy. Clipper-shy. Whatever. Good luck.

    Love and licks,

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