40 Winks.. And 40 More….

There are occasionally them beautiful moments where hamsters just break the boundaries of all adorableness!
Casper manages this feat quite regularly I’ll think you’ll agree! 🙂

So I was getting changed with a sleepy Casper sat on my bed and I plonk my cardigan on top of him.
Usually this results in a few moments of darkness-exploration before I see a little nose twitch out of one of the sleeve holes 😉 It’s very sweet and give Casper something a little different to explore.

Well I did my usual plonking of my cardigan on the bed and instead of darkness exploration, it turned into cosy-cardigan duvet day! 😛
Genuinely, he just tucked himself away and closed his eyes. So as he was toasty, comfy and now even more drowsy, he felt straight asleep. I even had to poke him every few minutes as he was so still I worried something awful had happened! 😛 

I would get up and sit down on my bed (so he was rolling all over the place at one point) he still would just keep his eyes closed and readjust himself in his newly found haven!
There really is something very special and cute about this little Syrian!!

I tried my hardest not to disturb him but a good 20 minutes later and I needed my cardigan back!! I gently stroked his head and he slowly opened his eyes, VERY unimpressed that I had disturbed his beauty sleep mind.
There was me thinking this would do the trick; Casper would wake up and want to explore.

He just opened his eyes and watched me. Probably thinking of ways to get his own back on the fact I had woken him up…

Hmmm where did Casper go! ;)

I mean if that face doesn’t say “I’m plotting your demise evil human!” then I don’t know what does! 😉
I eventually just had to pick him up and put him away in his cage, he wasn’t going to budge for noone!!

I completely understand hamsters aren’t the most popular pets with adults, they are seen as a child’s pet and all that. But seriously Casper gives hamsters a GREAT name. I don’t have enough time (or money) to commit to a dog, kitty cats make me sniffle and I can’t cuddle a gold-fish! Hamsters are perfect for my lifestyle and completely and utterly adorable!

I will become a crazy hamster lady one day… Okay who am I kidding, I already am a crazy hamster lady hahaha!

Hope you have enjoyed these cute pics. All your comments, likes, shares are greatly appreciated! Make sure you follow via email too so you never have to miss a post again! 🙂 Lots of love,xx

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One thought on “40 Winks.. And 40 More….

  1. Humans don’t appreciate naps enough, C. When you’re on a good roll, you stay in nap mode…. Even if they sit on the bed and make you actually roll! Well done.

    Love and licks,

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