Free Hamster Games & Apps

This post is for the folks out there who are as attached to their phones as they are their little furries!
I have downloaded and played scientifically investigated 4 hamster game apps. Yes, really technical stuff really. 😉

And all of these apps are FREE so you don’t even need to touch your purse to kill a bit of boredom, what can be better than that!

My Virtual Hamster

So the first app I played was My Virtual Hamster. Sounds pretty self explanatory right. And it is. My Virtual Hamster
You get given your hamster (looks a little like Dexter, just fatter obviously). You have to make sure the two ‘health’ bars on the top left are kept full by feeding your hamster and washing him and playing with him… Yeah the novelty of this virtual pet wears off pretty quick I’ll be honest.

The minigames you have to play to keep your hamster happy are urmm simple to say the least. As you can see from the bottom two pictures, it hardly takes a brain cell to match the silhouette to the corresponding picture. And there is a POOP game!! Yes you really have to scoop that poop!
But for a freebie, this game is pretty sweet! And perfect for your littluns too.

Hamster Dress-Up

So this is another pretty cute game, pretty simple too. The objective? Well there is no objective. Just to dress up your hamster of course!Hamster Dress-Up The options for clothing and accessories are limited unless you pay for them which is a bit annoying, and you can only dress up the one hamster unless you are willing to pay for the priviledge too but it’ll kill a good five minutes of your time if you so need it! 😛

As you can see I have made space-ham and princess-ham… Okay so its pretty naff really. And tricky to use, with the ‘outfits’ not fitting the underneath layer at all well. But then again I am not entirely sure what I was quite expecting from a dress up your hamster app .. 😛

Hamster Roll

So this free app I got a little more into. The aim is simple. Your little hamster is in a ball and you have to tilt your phone to roll that Hamster Rollhamster to the left and right. The levels then move toward the top of your screen, getting progressively faster and you have to make sure your hammy gets through the gap to the next level.
Now its not as addictive as good old flappy bird but it sure is fun to try and whizz the hamster down the layers! And frustratingly moreish.
Okay so it might be a little addictive 😛

It also throws obstacles in your way to keep you on your toes and there are different surfaces to try and up the odds on this little app.

And if there wasnt enough hamster-y-ness in this game for you, you have to collect sunflower seeds as you go! THATS BRILLIANT!

And you can see my high score there. If you think you can beat it, its a free app and I say BRING IT ON!! :p

So basically I have just issued you a challenge there so give it  a download, its free (as are all of the apps on this post) so why not! The worst that will happen is you lose 10 minutes of your life to a silly app and I’ll have beaten your score still 😉

And last but not least…
Fat Hamster

There isnt much to NOT like about this little app. A lighthearted way to poke fun at fat hamsters, so bloomin’ brilliant stuff really.Fat Hamster

The wheel rolls automatically and the fat hamster doesnt move unless you tap him. The tap makes him run a few steps but if he runs too far up the side he falls off, with the look of sheer TERROR on his face.. And if he doesnt run quick enough the same fate happens for the little guy.

So basically you become a madly tapping crazy person!! It was definitely addictive and such a giggle, why wouldnt you want to play!
And out of all of the apps I played for this post, this game was the only one I played that didn’t crash. So that is definitely a big tick in that box!! 😀

So there you have 4 hamstery apps you can download for free from the Apple App Store. I had a lot of fun writing this post. I may have to do something like this more often 😉 If I had to recommend one the most it would have to be Hamster Roll, just for quality of game play really!
But if you get a free minute, try out Fat Hamster. It is sure to make you giggle if nothing else! 😀

I hope there is enough hamster-ness in this post for you. I tried. 😉

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One thought on “Free Hamster Games & Apps

  1. I am gonna end up getting all of these!!!! Thanks soo much. They look so cute!!

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