The Simple Pleasures Of A Heated Floor

I am the first person to admit that simple things impress me the most. (Just that post on the 1st of this month for example.. give me a robotic hamster and I’m entertained for hours haha)

But apparently its not just me that has this trait.

Hugging the heated floor.. cos thats NORMAL?! ;)Heated flooring.
It never used to be a thing. Nowadays, its very much a thing.
And it sends my hamsters into a crumpled mess of pure ecttasy! 😀

Who knew that having a whole floor of warmth could be such an amazing thing!

The bathroom in my house is all seeled round the floor which means nowhere for little hamsters to escape!

Its like a expanse of play area for them to explore and run around in, without the confines of an exersize ball.

Both the boys and even Eve when she was alive absolutely loved this little bit of freedom.
And all the while I can sit on the toasty warm floor and watch 😀

This is my tactic to try and get pictures of them in all honesty.
They need space to investigate and I need space to capture a decent photograph of them!

Even a big open space is difficult however!

Its keeping my tootsies toasty!More running space means faster running which means impossibly difficult to get pictures!

But despite this,  the heated floor that keeps me silently pleased actually keeps the hamsters silently pleased too.
They almost squish themselves as flat as they can on the floor and just sit!

And here is the evidence of Casper doing just that.
Looking very suspect I might add!

As this blog needs more and more pictures I am having to find new and more inventive ways to get pictures of them.
Now that I know the bathroom is actually quite a good little hamster-trap I shall do this a little more often.

I think Casper was maybe a little sleepy in this pic too hahaha, sorry Cas!

Till tomorrow folks! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Pleasures Of A Heated Floor

  1. Heated floor! Yay! It’s like an indoor summer street nap!

    Love and licks,

  2. That’s so cute. My hamster does not have a heated floor, but his cage is beside a heating vent. He enjoys this by sleeping by it in the cold winter. He loves to snuggle in his care fresh. It is so cute!!
    Casper I think u look lovely on your heated floor, just like a gentlemen 😀

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