Hamster VOGUE

If you haven’t yet read yesterdays post, GO DO IT NOW!
This will make a lot more sense…

So yesterday I was whinging about how Dexter cannot sit and pose nicely for photographs, even when I put food in front of his face to occupy him! It really is a bloggers nightmare.. Well it is for me anyway!

Casper on the otherhand, my golden hamster, is completely the opposite!
I did the exact same thing for him, placing a small leaf of greens in front of him.Hamster eating greens! YUMYUM
And he stayed perfectly still for me for long enough to take a video, take some pictures from all kinds of angles and still to have som food left in front of him!

He is a hamster/pet bloggers DREAM! So well behaved and obedient!

I know I am biased to the greatest extent biased-ness can be, but he really is such a cute hamster! I think he is secretly a complete diva! He sits and poses nicely almost every single time I get my phone out to picture him. So that can only mean one thing; he LOVES the spotlight and all of your attention too πŸ˜‰

I mean if that isn’t a vogue pose, I just don’t know what is! πŸ˜›

He didn’t even stuff his face completely, he just sat still and watched me fuss around him and then proceeded to nibble and munch away!

Absolute cutie!
I really don’t think I have had such an adorable, special little hamster. I love all my furries all the same don’t get me wrong! They all have such distinct little personalities despite being so small and (some would say) insignificant but they really are just heartwarming!

So marks our of ten for Casper’s ADORABLE posing skills?!Β 
Let me know in the comments below, or just show me a like if you think he’s alright looking for a hamster πŸ˜‰ We are all sure appreciative of all the support you show πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Hamster VOGUE

  1. He’s a perfect supermodel (like me) posing perfectly, color coordinated with the pillow behind him, leaf curved just so, and looking dead ahead at the camera! 10

    Love and licks,

  2. It’s impossible to not love Casper!!!

  3. FAHbulous dahling, fahbulous

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