On Your Marks, Get Set… GONE!

Food never lasts long infront of me. Nor the hamsters.
But even I chew my food before swallow it within the second.
It appears some Syrian hamsters haven’t grasped this concept…

Here one second, GONE the next!

I gave Dexter a little leaf of greenery to try and keep him still enough for some pictures as we are all aware how much I struggle to get a focused photo of him.
Anyway my plan drastically backfired when the whole leaf went into his cheek within 3 seconds, IF THAT!!!

I managed to snap these blurry pictures of the incident…Here one second, stuffed into his cheek the next.
I should expect it really from this one… forever breaking the mold! 😛

Tomorrow you shall see how Casper ate his greens… The contrast in tactics is as far as far can be!!
So keep tuned for that post, tomorrow at 8am GMT 😉 Don’t miss it folks! (And if you dont already know, follow by email so you get these posts in your email inbox!)
Much love folks!! xx

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One thought on “On Your Marks, Get Set… GONE!

  1. Safe and sound, D. Nobody can steal your food out of your cheek! I wish my cheeks worked like that!

    Love and licks,

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