Perfect Perching & Sweetcorn Nibbles

I occasionally stop in odd positions to eat. My mind gets wiped blank when food is infront of me and I don’t even know my own name until that food is in my belly!

Casper seems to be my kindred spirit in this respect.

As he clambers over SofaLand, I let him climb up my hands, legs etc. Its all fun and games!

Nibble nibble!! :PWhen he was on the back of my hand (yeah not quite sure how that happened) he was suddenly presented with a little nib of baby corn.


For a few minutes while he savoured the baby corn, he sat perfect balanced on the back of my hand while I was watching TV.
My wrist got unbelievably uncomfy and I even started to wobble, but he maintained that composure..
Impressive stuff for a chubby hamster πŸ˜‰

I know it may seem like I give the boys treats every day, but I really don’t. I have collected up a lot of photos over the last few months so I have plenty of content and pretty pictures for my lovely readers. These have then all been condensed down into the series of posts you see πŸ™‚
Yes believe me there is a lot of work that goes into these little posts πŸ˜‰ And some have been weeks if not months in the making! πŸ˜€

Back to the point of this little post!
Casper was perched like a parrot on my hand whilst he scoffed the corn!

This made for a pretty cute few pictures. Bless Cas for giving me so many picture opportunities! πŸ˜€
He is a good boy!!! πŸ˜€

Weird places to eat! :PI’m not sure we are going to make a habit of this perching business! It wasn’t so comfy for me!!
But it was very cute to watch him eat all the same.

This has made me curious as to what is the WEIRDEST place your furries have ever stopped for a snack?
I know the back of your hand isn’t that bizarre, but I definitely haven’t seen it so much before!
And so now it has got me thinking of other weird and wonderful places to eat!

Let me know in the comments bit below!
I am always curious to what you guys get up to and think of so make sure you leave me a line πŸ™‚ And don’t forget I have a contact page too if you want to drop me a message or send me your hammy pics! I even have my own special email for the page now πŸ™‚
So let me hear you guys and gals!


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2 thoughts on “Perfect Perching & Sweetcorn Nibbles

  1. It’s not all that weird really but when Buddy escaped his run in the garden he dashed off into the undergrowth but stopped when he saw Mummy’s strawberry plants and had a nibble while Mummy rushed over and caught him!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. My piggies tend to eat more in their cage than anywhere else. They get shy about eating on my lap and prefer a snuggle when out of their cage.

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