The Towel Of Terror

Me and Casper don’t disagree on much. We both like our sleep. We both like our food. And did I mention we both like our sleep?!
Incontinent Hamster Alert!! YES YOU CASPER!Anyways there is one thing we definitely do not see eye to eye on.

Casper’s bladder.
He has ZERO control over it.

With previous hamsters and even Dexter, I could usually tell if they were about to wee everywhere. There was a dead giveaway shuffle backwards with their tale in the air. That movement would be T minus 2 seconds before they pee everywhere and you have an icky puddle!

Casper seems to defy all my previous knowledge of hamster-peeing…
As is his style at the best of times!

He wont shuffle or squat or even lift his tail, he just pee’s no matter what he is doing!!

He could be walking around, exploring, eating, cleaning, stretching or even sleeping! He just seems to do it without noticing. This gives me no opportunity to catch him and stop him from ruining my sheets.
I cannot tell you the amount of times my bedsheets have to be stripped off because my excitable little Syrian cannot contain himself!

It has come to the frustrating point where I no longer have the patience or time or energy to strip my bedsheets every time so no more free roaming on my bed like in the picture above.

It has now required a spare beach towel (you may have already seen this in my pictures before now, it has been a work in progress).

Yes, I now have to cover my lap/bed in this towel just incase of little accidents.

Casper doesnt seem too bothered about this new surface to explore. He has enjoyed nibbling and digging at it, which I can only take Nice carpet here mom! as a sign of approval!

And to this day, he has not peed once on it!
Im not sure if thats a success or what!

The odd occasion I have forgotten about the towel, we have had accidents. Yet everytime I remember it, he has the bladder control of a saint! 😉

If anyone was wondering, its incredibly difficult to potty train a hamster! I used to own a ‘potty’ for rodents, complete with litter to absorb it all but my hamsters never once used it and it became more hassle filling it up and changing the litter than anything else!

You unfortunately have to take the good with the bad on this one folks.
They cannot be tamed in the bathroom department.. I can only suggest, avoid holding them for long periods of time (especially once they have just woken up) and keep an eye out for that suspicious backward shuffle!

If anyone does discover a fool proof method of potty training these critters, LET ME KNOW!!!


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One thought on “The Towel Of Terror

  1. Just clip on their leash and take them out…. Wait. What??

    Love and licks,

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