The Scarf Sanctuary

Happy Place. The ‘place inside all of us where we are all happy and get the warm fuzzies’

Casper could fool me into thinking his happy place was anywhere and everywhere he could take a quick kip!
But I think I’ve sussed him out.

My scarf = Casper’s happy place 🙂


I’m not even sure quite how I even managed to discover this to be honest!!
I think I was carrying him downstairs on my chest and he seemed to snuggle himself  into my toasty scarf!

There are the odd occasions that he doesn’t sleep (shock horror) and this was one of them. He just seemed quite content sitting and watching the world go by from the comfort of this make shift hammock.
Rubbish hiding place Cas When it came to setting him down on the kitchen worktop, he took a few steps a bit gingerly before breaking free completely. Makes a change from seeing him dozing really doesn’t it ;P

I wish I had a safe-haven-hammock some days.
How nice would it be to just curl up in a toasty little ball and know nothing bad could happen.

Where is my safe cuddles eh little hamster?! One of these days, he’ll “cuddle” me back… as much as a cuddley hamster can I suppose 😉

Do you have any little sanctuaries that you or your furries like to snuggle away in? 

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One thought on “The Scarf Sanctuary

  1. I wish I had a scarf sanctuary. Whenever Mom is gone and something scares me from outside or in the hallway, I squeeze between the stove and the radiator in the kitchen. I stay there till she comes home.

    Love and licks,

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