Eat, Sleep, Poop, REPEAT!

Sleeping beauty :)We all know the underneath of the laptop is the toastiest place in the world.

I am not the only one who thinks this either by the look of it.

It has become the napping place of choice for Casper (not that he needs anywhere fancy to take a nap of course).

This is now the countless occasion that he has been running around on my bed and decided to take a snooze on the warm toasty bit underneath where my laptop is sitting!

Even me sat here writing this post right now he is snuggled up on my lap as I type.

HE IS SO CUTE!!! (There is a little flinch every time I hit the enter button but he seems peaceful enough!!)

I know I post a LOT of pictures of Casper sleeping. He’s perfectly still so I can usually get a decent picture!! And I really hope seeing all these numerous pictures of his snoozing doesn’t bore you but I cant help but feel he is the cutest thing in the world!!
Seeing him sleeping so peacefully makes me feel like I am a good owner. He is comfortable enough to sleep in my lap and in my hands and that feels goooooood šŸ™‚

So let me know, do you think I am over-doing the sleeping pictures??

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One thought on “Eat, Sleep, Poop, REPEAT!

  1. Can’t have too many naps. So you can’t have too many nap pictures. What could be cuter than Casper asleep?? Nuthin’. That’s what.

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