Eve’s 2nd Birthday

On this day, back in June of 2012, I introduced the blogosphere to a very beautiful little girl hamster called Eve.
(Click here to read that very first post!)

She was a brave little hamster, and when I say little I mean she was diddy!! She could easily fit into the palm of my hand and needed no taming at all! She was docile and friendly right from the get-go, which in hamster terms is a pretty rare thing.

The first picture of Eve on this blog back in 2012! The picture to the left is of Eve’s first exploration of her new home.
I hadn’t planned on getting another hamster at the time. Me and the boyfriend went to the pet shop to pick up supplies for Dexter and there in the cabinet was a gorgeous little hamster, paws against the glass and adorable speckled ears all alert!

She really was absolutely adorable!! 😀

I immediately knew she had to come home with us and next thing we knew, we had bought a new cage and she was mine!

Eve. A suitable name for the first girly hamster I’ve ever owned I think. 🙂 Plus she was completely full of beans so having a name that meant ‘life’ was 100% appropriate.

So there she was, Dexter’s new girlfriend 😉

If you haven’t followed the blog before then you won’t know that Eve has had an action packed little life. She died sadly too soon in February of this year 😦

As this is the anniversary of her joining the hammy-fam, I thought a little look over her cutest pics would be a fitting tribute to this beautiful pet 🙂

After being with me for nearly two months, Eve had very much settled in and become a comfortable member of the family.

We decided in the August of that year, to breed her and Dexter.13 pups is a BIG responsibility

Now it didn’t end up the most triumphant of tales with her litter of 13 pups sadly passing away over the following 2 weeks after their birth. Eve just wasnt quite the mothering material we had hoped for, shying away from the pups.
But due to the babies illnesses and birth defects which were really beyond everyones control, who could blame her for struggling. I don’t know how many people would cope fine with 13 hungry needy newborns!

Anyway she did her best.
There were 3 little survivors that battled on to their 2nd week of life, but sadly liver problems caught up and they too passed away.

Even though Eve wasnt caring for the pups at this stage you could still
sense the grief from her. She had become a very slow and meticulous hamster. She barely came out of her bed anymore and would continue to build the most impressive nests I have ever seen a hamster produce!
Eve, showing off her pre-mum bod!She really was mourning and I have never seen that side to a hamster before. Shocking how something so little can show such an emotion.

After many months and LOTS of love and attention, she slowly had come back to the brave little monster she became.

Don’t get me wrong she stayed slower, but it came across as more of a maturity thing now.

She had been through a lot of drama and hassle and now she was finally back to herself again.
And she really was the most beautiful little hamster.

She gave me a lot of reasons to boast about female Syrians, as I had always heard horror stories about them being angry and vicious. Eve showed me not only was I wrong but the vast majority of people who think that were also very wrong!
I tend to find hamsters reflect their owner in terms of friendliness.

I will never change my mind on the fact that I think she was taken to early from life.RIP Eve and happy blogging birthday! :D xx Today would have been her 2 year blogging birthday, and I would have expected a third birthday next year too but alas some things are just not meant to be.

I have never been more grateful for this blog in that respect.
I managed to document and capture her life in words which are now immortalized on the internet. She may have died but she lives on through this blog and through the pictures and memories. And that is nothing to sniff at!

So this is a happy post really.
A poignant day in my blogging diary.

I hope all the words and waffle in this post doesnt bore you to tears. I just felt today should be a post about Eve.
(And I hoped you all enjoyed a different furry face to ‘awww’ at today too!)

Have a great day now! 

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One thought on “Eve’s 2nd Birthday

  1. Eve was so brave. I remember the sad days of her babies getting sick and dying. Heartbreaking. But Eve was and is a sweet, delicate beauty.

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