HamsterDiaries Has A New Addition?!

Okay so the headline there is a little misleading.. here isn’t really any newbies to my furry famhamily. I barely have the time for two these days how would I have time for another?! I’m only human!! 😛 

This is Zhu Zhu Creampuff!

Zhu Zhu Hamster Meets Real Real Hamster ;)

(I think the official name is Jilly but Creampuff is far more appropriate of course!)

I am not even sure how this came about or how I even found such a thing in existence, but here we have a robotic hamster which runs around and squeaks and squawks when you push the nose! Bloody brilliant as it doesn’t pee or poop all over my bedsheets -HOORAHH! 😀

Anyway no sooner was it introduced to the boys, they had licked and nibbled and familiarized themselves plenty!!
Casper in particular 😉

Its not like I need anymore critters clonking round the house but how could I possibly resist a portable, non-peeing and non-pooping pet! She now proudly lives at work with me.. So in case you didn’t think I was a sad enough case, I have a robotic hamster at work with me too. Geeeeeeesh could I get anymore lame!!! 😛

Caspers Girlfriend?!Casper was even friendly enough to give Creampuff little nose kisses! Even if he was a bit shocked when it started charging at him (he managed to bite the nose and push it down far enough to activate… much to my amusement)

There is a point to this post in all honesty!
These little robotic hamsters are super cute and would make the perfect present for a hamster lover or even someone who wants a pet and cant have one. They’re adorable!

Excluding the cutie pink one above, below are my favourite ones! The colours are brilliant and who couldnt love a crazy little thing like this. I know the guys at my work hated LOVED it when I set Creampuff off on the office floor… 😉

purple zhuzhu

green zhu zhu yello zhuzhu blue zhuzhu

If you shop around on the internet you can pick these up most of these for less than a tenner!!
There are a few that are a little more as they are seen as collectables, but they’re cheap and cheerful and totally worth a giggle!

Click on any of the Zhu Zhu hamsters you like the look of above and it will take you to a UK page you can buy them off of. I’m not sure if you can get them easily elsewhere on the globe but they’re plenty on eBay and I am positive you can find them somewhere for a reasonable price!

Let me know if you ever get one! We can combine our online HamsterDiaries Collection, muahaha! (Next step world domination!!)


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One thought on “HamsterDiaries Has A New Addition?!

  1. Please, please, PLEASE don’t let Mom see this. She bought me a mechanical hamster in a plastic ball at Cracker Barrel once, and I was TERRIFIED of it. The ball is gone, now, and the hamster has a broken wheel, so it can’t chase me and try to kill me. I can’t start over….. I just can’t!

    Love and licks and keep that thing away from me,

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