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How Did You Get Up THERE?!

Casper can be very mischevious.
Some of the time he is sleepy and dopey and just freaking adorable.
The rest of the time he is a trouble-causing ninja hamster…

Whilst he was running round the kitchen the other day he emerged from the back of the smoothie-maker, a massive rarity in itself, and proceeded to scurry into the opposite corner behind the water filter.. now this I can handle.

You managed to climb up WHERE!?I turn around for two seconds and when I look back Casper is ON TOP of the water filter!!!

He had managed to scramble up the back of the jug, wedging his little body inbetween the wall and the plastic and crawled to the top!

He looked remarkably pleased with himself for climbing that far, and to be honest, I was rather impressed too!!

As you can see from this photo, there is hardly any space at all around the edge of the jug so he must have flattened himself completely to get there.

I really do love moments like this.
They catch me by surprise, make me smile and remind me that the little things in life really are just the best!

After a minute or two wandering around the top, sniffing the edges and realizing there was nowhere to go from there, I picked him up and put him down on safer territory.

This blog really can write itself most days!
They give me all the stories and pictures I could ever possibly need 🙂


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