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Good Morning World!

New and old readers of this blog will notice there are no pictures of me on here. My reasoning; the blog is about the hamsters and the hamsters only 🙂

Pose for me Cas?? No. Okay then ;(Anyways, in an attempt to get cuter photos of the boys I have had to use this photo.

I warn you, this is as close to me getting in the blog as I will ever allow!
Thank goodness for my minion phone case protecting you from my morning face! 😀

Anyway, Casper had just finished cleaning his little face and he was looking a bit sheepish when my sister took this pic.

I was waiting to take a snap, waiting patiently for him to just turn around but he refused and posed nicely for my big sister instead.
The cheek!

This is also a very rare occasion for Casper because usually he will be sitting on a towel. I have resorted to only letting Cas run around when he has a bathroom towel underneath him cos when he gets excited he pee’s!

Its the single most annoying thing in the world and I have had to change sheets and trousers and dresses on more occasions than I care to count!!

So in this picture I must have been feeling brave cos hes on my bedsheets right there! And nothing to stop him peeing all over them!!

I am pleased to say he didnt pee this time… but I’m not sure I can trust that little face… would you??? 😉


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