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Devious Dexter

Now you may have noticed the last few posts have been Casper this, Casper that!
Dexter being the unphotogenic mischief-makerWell that’s because he is a dopey hamster and so much MUCH easier to take pictures of.

He plods along and stops in cute poses to squint at the world around him and it makes it 100 times easier to take pictures of. Anyway, Dexter is the polar opposite. NEVER sits still, NEVER stops to pose and NEVER plod anywhere.. the boys an athlete!

It makes it so difficult to get good photos and so a lot of the posts end up going to Cas.

Whenever Dexter does stop, I end up CRAZILY whipping my phone out and taking as many photos as I can to make the most of the opportunity. And even then this rarely works and I end up with blurry blobs…

Here is your one not-so-blurry photo I managed to get of him whilst he was having a clean on my lap in bed 🙂

Dexter cleaning on my lap, cutiepie!

ENJOY IT cos I do not know when I will get another 😉

I have looked all over the place to find techniques or ways to get pets to behave nicely for pictures.. but hamsters aren’t exactly asked about much.
And the places where it was, ‘feed them, distract them with food’ was the main advice..

And that’s all well and good but when I have to do that every time, they get a little tubby round the edges!! I can’t over feed them just to get a focused pictured!

Anyway, I am getting a little hectic and busy at the moment. I am trying my hardest to keep posts daily. I have only just got back into blogging so of course I want to try and keep up a bit of regularity but working 7 days a week (yes really) makes things a little difficult to prepare and maintain. I don’t even have a social life hahaha!
I will keep up daily posts for as long as I can, any change in this shall be explained. I don’t want to let anyone down!!

Thanks for your support and understanding! I hope to give you a blog to be entertained by for a while to come yet so keep checking back and follow via email so you don’t miss a thing 🙂

Much love bloggers!! 😀

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