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Tucked In And Toasty!!

On the very occasional day I get to have a lay in, I am usually woken up with a cup of tea and a very sleepy Cas.
I can’t even be mad that my sleep has been disturbed because he is just the most adorable thing on the entire planet in the mornings.Just woken up and feeling FRESH?!

His little eyes blink independently and he twitches his nose as if to say “put me back in bed already woman!”

This is very similar to how I look in the mornings actually but usually with worse hair and a dribble patch. But thats just between me and you mkay?!

Anyway, while I am getting my morning bearings, he is as good as gold on every occasion!
He will do what can only be described as the worlds most ADORABLE shuffle as he buries his face into the nearest material and continues to snooze.
This bed is jussssssssst right...CUTE!

I can get up and move around and he will continue to sleep soundly in my bed…
Seriously he does!

This is a picture from one of these particularly cute mornings..
He just got himself comfy and slept. Not even little kisses would wake this beauty up!! 😀

I even put my duvet over him and got out of bed!!! 😀

He just got himself comfy and was dead to the world 🙂

Anyone else get a furry wake up call in the mornings?? Hope they’re more efficient than this little hammy!! 🙂


P.S. Oh go on! One more cute photo for you lovely lovely people!! 😀
Tucked in and toasty :)


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