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Things That Go SQUEAK In The Night

If there is one thing everyone should know about hamsters, it’s that they are nocturnal. (Which is people speak for ‘blooming noisy at night!’)
If you want to get a peaceful night sleep then you are best off putting you furry friend in a separate room. There really is no other Me ? NOISY?! Never!!! way of dealing with this noisy issue because hamsters don’t listen to begging .. the heartless creatures😉
If you are thinking a hamster is a perfect present for your young child, think about it for a second… You want your kid to fall asleep at a reasonable hour? Well hamsters see this reasonable hour as time to get up and crack on making noise. And now you have one excitable child as well as one excitable hamster. Probelmo…
If you are completely unable to move your hamster into another room, there are a couple of things you can do to try and hush your hammy up during the night. But the sad fact is they are going to bash about their cages, its what they’re surprisingly good at!
  • If your hamster has a flying saucer that squeaks, rub a tiny bit of Vaseline on the metal spoke. This will stop that irritating high pitched eeeeek!
  • If it’s a noisy exercise wheel that bangs on the edge of the cage, you may need to invest in a free standing wheel. But please be aware this doesn’t fix the issue in some cases as it can be equally as noisy!!
    Sorry was I keeping you up??? I'll try keep it down in here...
  • If they chew the bars of their cage in the night, try putting a new toy in their cage. Bar-gnawing can be a sign of boredom. If they have something new in their cage, it could replace the bars as a new chew or even distract them completely.. for a day or two.
  • You should put your hamster in their exercise ball and let them have a half hour run around of an evening. This will mean they are more awake when they go back in their cages, sorry, but they usually tucker themselves out a little quicker than usual nights, which can mean more sleep for you.
Sadly hamsters are noisy. There is no silencer for these critters. But with a little interaction every day and new toys to play with you will have a happier hamster and hopefully a better sleep!
My two boys are either out on the landing or in the next door bedroom during the night – I was turning into a zombie with the lack of sleep! But even this hasn’t stopped me thinking there has been a burglar in the house on MORE than 1 occasion.. They call it ‘keeping you on your toes’ don’t they???
Do your furries keep you up at night? Or how do you get them to sleep soundly?!
Let me know, we ALL want to know! 😀
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