Deafness In Hamsters

Deaf Hamster
You may recall, I have previously posted about Casper’s uniqueness and specialness. We originally came to the conclusion that Casper was just unusual and quirky. He is a bit of a special hamster with special habits (I am waiting to see the comment ‘pets take after their owners…’ HAHAH you’re so funny… 😐 …) but after all this time we have absolutely no doubts at all that Casper is 100% deaf.

I have googled the subject a lot in the past and things I found arent greatly helpful. People suggest a veterinary examination but in all honesty I dont need a vet to look at him to tell me that he has no hearing.

How to tell if your hamster is deaf?

Deaf Hamster Hiding Cos He's SHY!!! :)

“You talking bout me?”

I am not an expert I assure you, but having more hamsters than I have fingers to count them on, makes it easier to conduct little experiments on their hearing.
I have come up with one simple little question  to ask yourself in a way to determine if your hamster is really deaf? Or just hard of hearing?

  1. If you clap or click behind your hamsters head, does he/she respond? Flinch? React?

As long as youre not about to punch your hamster in the face any sign of a reaction means they have a sense of hearing. It might be poor but they have it.
You could sound an airhorn behind Casper and he wouldnt even blink at you – that is true deafness. None of this selective hearing I hear a lot about 😉

What does it mean if my hamster is deaf?
It means nothing spectacular, just means your hamster has a unique little trait. He or she just needs extra comfort maybe to ensure that they feel safe. A world without sound can be a nerve wracking place, no way of hearing danger or anything like that. So they just need extra cuddles and maybe go gentle if you need to wake them up. They cant hear you coming remember! 😀

Anyone else out there have a deaf pet?
Let me know in the comments below! Also dont forget to follow via email o get your daily fix of hamstery cuteness!! 😀 


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12 thoughts on “Deafness In Hamsters

  1. I think deafness makes Casper even cuter! Is that possible? Mom says I have the selective hearing. I can hear the mailman 2 blocks away, but if she calls me and says the word, “Stop licking the floor.” I am deaf.

    Love and licks,

  2. Whee are the same as Cupcake! Selective hearing. Hehehe 🙂

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


    I think my hampster has gone deaf , i can make high pitch hampster sounds and when i do i can see their ears move , even if i squeak across the room in a very low squeak their little ears move but my older female who is a year old has stopped moving her ears. she had a few babies and we kept afew when i sqeak her ears move back but just in the last few days not the mother;

    i did read that mice can go deaf and after a few weeks their hearing comes back

  4. EMILY

    My Chinese Hamster Neo is deaf too. She never reacts to sound behind which I thought was strange. I tested the hearing test on my brother’s Chinese Hamster and she reacted to the noise instantly. I however am hard of hearing and will need hearing aids when i’m 18…

  5. Kali

    I have Chinese dwarf hamster called marty 🐹 he’s 3 had him since I bought him I think he is deaf he doesn’t flinch or anything but he does run around like he is young one lol.

  6. Cassidee

    Yeah, I think my hamster might be deaf too.. That’s actually what brought me here. He doesn’t react to sound at all. He was eating so I stuck my hand in the cage and started snapping and he didn’t so much as twitch his ears.

  7. PumpkinsMomma

    I adopted Pumpkin about a week ago, and after a couple of days had no doubt that her hearing was not as it was meant to be. I was scared that my other family pets would find a way to get to her cage and attack her and Pumpkin not being able to get into her hidey hole because she couldn’t hear them approaching, which is silly of me because it’s not likely that will happen. She’s still cute like Casper, and I love her as much as possible<3

  8. Chelle

    I found UR Post after trying to find out about deaf hamsters as I have ended up with 6 very unexpected baby Syrian hamsters who r only bout 5 weeks old tried Wat u said about clicking fingers n clapping behind n looks like I am rite that one of my babies is deaf I thot so as she is only one who doesn’t appear to have ears but she does they jus havent opened so thank u for UR Post as now I no she need extra love n support n help

  9. Macy

    I recently got a hamster and I’ve figured out that she is only partially deaf (weird right??). She can hear low grumbly sounds that make your throat vibrate but anything too far above that she is completely oblivious to! If I ever want to get her attention I have to sound like an old troll trying to sing baritone.

  10. Naomi Turner

    I was doing a search because I believe my hamster is also deaf. I was hugely suprised when I seen this as my hamster is a russian dwarf, white and also called Casper. That was his original name when I adopted him!

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