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Deafness In Hamsters

Deaf Hamster
You may recall, I have previously posted about Casper’s uniqueness and specialness. We originally came to the conclusion that Casper was just unusual and quirky. He is a bit of a special hamster with special habits (I am waiting to see the comment ‘pets take after their owners…’ HAHAH you’re so funny… 😐 …) but after all this time we have absolutely no doubts at all that Casper is 100% deaf.

I have googled the subject a lot in the past and things I found arent greatly helpful. People suggest a veterinary examination but in all honesty I dont need a vet to look at him to tell me that he has no hearing.

How to tell if your hamster is deaf?

Deaf Hamster Hiding Cos He's SHY!!! :)

“You talking bout me?”

I am not an expert I assure you, but having more hamsters than I have fingers to count them on, makes it easier to conduct little experiments on their hearing.
I have come up with one simple little question  to ask yourself in a way to determine if your hamster is really deaf? Or just hard of hearing?

  1. If you clap or click behind your hamsters head, does he/she respond? Flinch? React?

As long as youre not about to punch your hamster in the face any sign of a reaction means they have a sense of hearing. It might be poor but they have it.
You could sound an airhorn behind Casper and he wouldnt even blink at you – that is true deafness. None of this selective hearing I hear a lot about 😉

What does it mean if my hamster is deaf?
It means nothing spectacular, just means your hamster has a unique little trait. He or she just needs extra comfort maybe to ensure that they feel safe. A world without sound can be a nerve wracking place, no way of hearing danger or anything like that. So they just need extra cuddles and maybe go gentle if you need to wake them up. They cant hear you coming remember! 😀

Anyone else out there have a deaf pet?
Let me know in the comments below! Also dont forget to follow via email o get your daily fix of hamstery cuteness!! 😀 


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