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Say CHEESE For The Camera!

I have come to the conclusion that taking decent photos of a fully awake Syrian is impossible. They move too quickly and never look in the right direction when you want them too! And in Casper’s case, I cant even clap or make a noise to capture his attention as he is completely deaf!

The only way to get any sort of photo of either hamster is to distract them with food.

Stick anything in front of them that is remotely edible and they’ll sit still just about long enough for me to take a pic.
Just about anyways.


Today’s weapon of choice was a little chunk of cheese. Now I don’t usually give them cheese. In excess its bad for their health, just like for humans too. But on this occasion I thought the little terror deserve a treat for posing so nicely for the blog.

And this bit of cheese was clearly too good to just stuff in his cheek. This bit of cheese needed to be eaten right away!
He’s so cute!!

Whats your favourite nibble? Whats can you not resist when put in front of you?? 🙂
Let me know, comment below! 


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