Will Hamsters Ever Learn Manners?!

Gimme the sweetcorn!!If there is one thing hamsters lack most of (other than bladder control – yes I’m looking at you Cas) it is a set of manners.
Its hard to feel appreciated with hamsters.

Dogs always look happy to see you and grateful for treats and attention.
Cats, maybe not so much. But they know how to purr and thats as good as a thank you in my books.
Hamsters…. nothing.

They dont squeak or purr or snuggle gratitude.

Hammys have a remarkable ability to snatch. And there is nothing worse than snatching…

I have tried my hardest to teach the hamsters a little more polite kind of behavior to which Casper responded OK too.

As you can see, he very politely nibbled and ate my offering of sweetcorn.

What you dont see after this photo is him snatch it right out of my fingers and run as fast as he could to his bed!!

Some things will never ever change will they ;(

So do any of my readers have any other bad habits?? Do you lot snatch your food from your lovely owners?!!
Let me know in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Will Hamsters Ever Learn Manners?!

  1. Robyn

    My first hamster (a Winter White) was an angel. He never had any bad manners and always came running when I walked into the room. My current baby, a robo, has the WORST manners ever, but only in his cage. He’ll attack and chase anything in his cage (like my hand). Once I take him out though, he’s as good as gold. It’s a little baffling sometimes XD

    • Oh wow, a very distinct difference in little personalities there! He is just keeping you on your toes, hamsters are crafty like that haha 😀

  2. Naughty Casper! Mom taught me to wait while she holds a treat right by my nose. I wait nicely and look in her eyes – NOT at the treat. It took me a while to learn, but it did it! I love treats, so I’ll do pretty much anything to get one.

    Love and licks,

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