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Down The Back Of The Sofa I Found Money, The TV Remote And My Hamster…

Sooooooooooo back on that first post in May you may briefly recall I promised you a story about Dexter’s adventures in Sofa Land.

And I shall not disappoint you good people. Dexter on the sofa, EVEN MORE CUTEEE!!

As I may have mentioned, I let the hamsters run about on the sofa. I can see them clearly and they cant get very far. So its safe and sound as far as I was concerned..
Perfect for when I just want them to have a little bit of freedom. I think its only fair these domestic pets get to experience a little time for exploring. The sofa to me is the perfect area, contained and safe!

Well I maaaaaay not be 100% accurate with that thinking.

What I failed to notice was Dexters ability to burrow and hide…
I know what you’re thinking. “Just look at his face, he’s no trouble at all!”

Well do not let this innocent pout deceive you. He is a little monster that has caused me no end of panic attacks with his mischievous antics.

Let me try and explain a little better.
Let me introduce you to the wild and excited adventure play area that is SOFA LAND!


HAMSTER SOFA FUNLAND!!!(As you can see my photo editing skills are amazing… yeaaaah or not haha)

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that for hamsters looking at the sofa is the same  as us humans looking at Disney Land. Okay maybe not quite as exciting.. but the hamsters sure act like it is the same! 😀

Back to the point.

Inbetween Christmas and New Years of last year (2013), we were doing the usual chill out on the sofa. Dexter is absolutely loving the adventure time and I take my eyes off him for literally a second.

Now Casper, I could leave for whole minutes unattended and he wouldn’t get into any trouble.
Dexter however is not quite as trustworthy!!

I turn back and see his little furry backside sticking out of the corner where the cushions join together. I jump up and grab his back legs sbut its too late, Sofa Land had swallowed him whole.
Yes. The hamster was genuinely now inside the actual sofa.

…oh @#!$

Dexter trying to go back INSIDE the sofaNow at the time I obviously wasn’t getting my phone out to take any photos! So I reconstructed the event by putting Dexter back on the sofa and taking some pictures. I wanted some photos to illustrate what I meant.
And even having him out on the sofa for these few minutes, he immediately attempted to sneak down the edge again!

This time I managed to catch the cheeky bugger in the act and get this photo!

Basically this is an exact repeat of what happened on this particular night in December last year.

And you can see the size of the gap he needed to have fitted down in order to actually get inside the sofa! He had to suck his little belly in and everything!! 😀

As you can completely imagine, I panicked!
I literally freaked out! I couldn’t see my hamster, I couldn’t hear my hamsters and had absolutely no idea how i was supposed to get him out of the sofa!
My hand certainly didn’t fit down the back of the sofa so how on EARTH was I supposed to get him out!!

After getting in a tizz and even hearing little scratches and sneezes coming from inside the sofa Hamster Rescuing.(yes genuine little hamster sneezes cos I bet it was bloomin’ dusty in there!) we decided to tip the sofa back and CUT open the bottom of the sofa.

After making this little hole, I stuck a torch inside to see if I could spy him. All I could see was wood and material, and riiiiiight in the far corner a mischievous little hamster was squatting quite happily.

The cheeky little monster didn’t have a care in the world while I was rushing around like a crazy person trying to rescue him!!!

As he was in no hurry to come out, we had to use better tactics to retrieve him.

What is the best way to get a hamster out of a tight space?
Get fresh veg or their favourite treats, break them into smaller bits and leave a trail of them leading to an open space or box where you can definitely capture your little furry!

Sweetcorn was the winning treat!I used baby corn to lure out Dexter as I know he cannot resist it. I sat patiently by the edge of the sofa and after a few long minutes, I saw little whiskers twitching by the opening..
Without another hesitation, I grabbed him!!

Dexter = Rescued..
After strict words, a sheepish looking Dex was put back in bed, where he couldn’t cause any trouble!!!

The only silver lining to this story is I found a £1 coin in the bottom of the sofa. At least cutting open the bottom of the couch was somewhat worth it I suppose. 😉

Have your furries ever gotten stuck in unlikely places?! I want to hear about your mad and daring rescues!
Let me know in the comments section below!

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