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How to keep your pet cool on hot summer days

As here in the UK its all glorious and sunny and HOT, I thought I better re post an article I wrote almost 2 years ago to the day (very almost anyway). Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! 😀 xxx


If you live in the UK, you will be very aware we are in a heatwave

Temperatures are soaring which means  its time to crack out the short-shorts and slap on the sun lotion!

While we all enjoy the sunshine, we cant forget about our little pets!
Every kind of animal will suffer in extreme temperatures and we as owners have to take extra care of our furry friends.

Firstly make sure you move cages out of direct sunlight – you may keep the curtains all drawn back to let in the fleeting summer weather but intense sunlight will cook (not literally) little hamsters! Place pets in cool and shady places.

Next, make sure your pets water dispense is full and regularly check this. If it springs a leak or your thirsty pet empties it when your not looking, you’re going to have a dehydrated pet on…

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The Abandoned Smoothie Maker

I am ashamed to say my smoothie maker I once loved and cherished has been abandoned and neglected for many years now. It has become more of a kitchen beacon in the corner of the worktop.

sleeping hamster and smoothie maker
Well I think the phrase “one mans trash is another mans treasure” has never been more true!
As you may have seen in my previous post ‘The Kitchen Counter Speedway” this corner is now a prized hide out for both hamsters, but in particular Casper.

In fact its more of a sanctuary for Casper to curl up and fall asleep (I sound like a broken record going on about Casper sleeping but its just what he does!) Its not even that sheltered! Yet Cas loves it all the same!

Here you can get a little idea of just what Caspers little haven is like.

And this is with the smoothie maker pulled out from the edge! sually it is tucked right back in that corner and usually both boys squeeze themselves in and just ponder for a while.

If I ever let the hamsters out in the kitchen, I always know exactly where to look first when I want to put them back.

sleepy casper!Its actually kind of reassuring knowing they like the same spot and both hover there for minutes at a time so I can potter around the kitchen or eat my dinner relatively undisturbed!

Although I should probably just mention that leaving a hamster unattended is never a good idea. They are rascals, quick moving and devious little tinkers!

I just have a very built up trust with this special little hamster who seems to break most of the rules of being a pet at the best of times anyway..

Anyway this perfectly leads me onto my question for today. Where is your favourite hidey hole?
Is there anywhere your furry likes to hide from you??

Let me know in the comments below. Like to show your support of the Abandoned Smoothie Maker Hide-Out and dont forget to follow via email so you can get adorable hammy updates whenever I post! 😀

Have a great Sunday girls and boys (and furries)!

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