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Do Hamsters Watch TV?

I have often wondered this..

Let me try and explain. Of an evening I shall let one of the hamsters out to explore the wild world of the Sofa.
They usually are very well behaved just running about like crazed creatures, occasionally they will get a little excited and fall off the sofa to the floor but 9 times out of 10 I can catch them in time before hitting the floor 😛

Hamster watching the TV ?!Anyways on a few occasions now, Dexter has stopped very obediently and watched the TV screen from the edge of the sofa…
Its very convincing to think he is actually watching TV. His ears will even occasionally flicker and twitch in response to the sounds made on the show I am watching..

But despite this compelling evidence, I am here to break the very disappointing news that no, hamsters do not watch TV.

As much as I want to believe they do, their eye sight is poor at the best of times and therefore wouldn’t be able to define anything on a screen.  Not to mention, there are very few TV shows that are translated into hamster language soooo yeah safe to say they can’t actually watch TV.
Plus Dexter never stops to watch Game of Thrones with me, so he either has no taste in TV – which I find impossibly hard to believe as he is my hamster – or he genuinely cannot see the TV. I think it must be the latter…

I hope you appreciated my VERY scientific experiment here. Dr. Dexter and I shall go investigate some more highly important questions that need to be answered… 😉


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