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Hello Chubby Cheeks

The phrase ‘your eyes are too big for your belly’ gets knocked about a lot these days.
Clearly these people have never seen a hamster at dinnertime…

There is no such thing as too much dinner in hamster land- a mantra I wish I could manage! 😉Dexter Stuffing His Face

And just to prove it to you, here is Dexter stuffing his face to the absolute maximum.
There is no need for photoshop, this is genuinely happened… 

Oh and thats a slice of apple hes attempting to stuff into his massive mouth. Unsuccessfully attempting to stuff I might add.

I think its fair to say that hamster cheeks are the most iconic thing about these critters.
Its actually a very clever little adaptation.
On both sides of a hamsters jaw there is a kind of internal sack that reaches the top of the hamsters shoulders. Hamsters are hoarders and they use these little sacks to stuff all kinds of food in. Keeps it safe from other thieving creatures, or owners 😛

Tasty bedding! :PIn addition to food hoarding, I have found that every hamster I have owned has used their cheeks to soften bedding and to help them nest. I even posted a photo of Dexter doing this very thing in a post from 2012.
In the bedding goes, and then they regurgitate it all out so to speak and smoosh it into their bed. I would try to mimick this with my pilow, but highly doubt it would have the same affect 😛

I wonder how much food a hamster could really stuff into their cheeks? I might have to look into that 😛

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