‘Wake Up’ Face

You know in the movies when the girl or girl wakes up looking immaculate and beautiful, not a hair out of place after a nights sleep?
Yeah.. why doesnt that happen in real life??

Its not even just me that struggles with this feat of sleeping beauty. This is Casper’s ‘Wake Up’ face…


You can almost hear the little fella sayin ‘5 more minutes, pleaseeeeee’
I still think he’s a cutie but you can see very clearly, this is one groggy sleepy face 😀

Now, to make Casper less self conscious, show me your best wake up faces!! 😛


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4 thoughts on “‘Wake Up’ Face

  1. Don’t be crazy! I wake up looking immaculate and beautiful with not a hair out of place. Of course….

    Love and licks,

  2. I’ve been thinking about this lately. My hamster, Keith, looks devastated when you wake him up. I had to last night and it took about 30 seconds to get him moving, and his expression of, “Wha’? What’s going on?” Like tiny, fluffy little drunks trying to wake up.

  3. My hamster albus looks terrible when he wakes up. He sometimes can’t even open his eyes, or just doesn’t want to
    !He looks so funny

  4. Awesome. He still looks good. What a cutie!

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