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The Kitchen Counter Speedway

There is plenty that makes me chuckle when it comes to the boys.

Needless to say, they always somehow manage to outdo their own antics.

Take the kitchen for example. I occasionally let the hammys run around on the worktop. I even found a post I wrote waaaaay back when, about Caspers adventures across the Kitchen – check it out here. They religiously stick to the edge against the wall so as long as there is nothing in their way, they don’t stray from their own set path. I usually shuffle the kettle out from the edge and a few other bits a pieces which clutter up the worktops so they have ample sprint space.

And when I say sprint i mean boyoboy, do they run fast!! Here is a short little video of Casper demonstrating his athletic ability just so you get an idea of the “kitchen race track set up” and exactly what i mean when I say they run fast and to the edge…

When they get to the first corner of the kitchen, they reach an abandoned smoothie maker, the perfect hiding spot for any passing hamster..

But this is not the actual focus of this post (surprisingly).

Dexter is not the brightest crayon in the pack. He is a scaredy-cat and when it comes to the fight or flight reflex, Dexter has astonishly decided neither of these are good enough.
He goes for a stop and stare method.

So when he went waddling along the work top at his usual meandering speed, I may have forgotten to pull out one of the obstructions.
Not to worry I thought, he can just walk around it.

Oh no we dont.

Dexter gets a little confused.. aren't we all buddy :PDexter stood for no less than 10 whole minutes in the same position, stuck and impossibly blocked in by a bottle of olive oil and a knife rack…

Yep, this really happened.
Why not just shuffle backwards, or even turn around – you’re small you can squeeze in that space mate! – but noooope. Dex decided to just sit…

In his defence, he look half asleep to be honest so a large thing in your way probably needs a good long think about.

But I really kid you not folks, he just sat there, blinking and twitching before I physically had to remove the olive oil bottle……

Oh its the simple things in life! This really cheered me up too, cos he looks just adorable, as well as rather special 😉

Have any of you furry lot got stuck anywhere as impossible as this?! 
Let me know, comment below!

Till tomorrow folks


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