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Pictures & Postings

So you’ve had the first weeks updates, sad posts and the medical post on top of plenty of little pictures to wet your hamster-lovin’ appetite, so I think its only now I can get back to my usual ranting and ravings about the hamsters.

Firstly though, back in 2012 when I would religiously post every day, the blog had a very ‘defined’ layout. I personally felt as a blogger it was nice to have a sense of familiarity when you go back to read a blog. Blogs that change designs every few months or so tend to lose their identity I think. HamsterDiaries has a distinct little look and I intend to keep the blog that way. Having said all of this, I have “tidied” it up, got rid of a few pages and neatened up the side bar over there and I’d love to know how you think this new ‘tidy’ version looks.
(But for new readers you’ll never know the difference muahah!)

Anyways less of the boring bloggy bit, what do we want? HAMSTERS! When do we want it? NOW.. durrr!

Dexter the hamster

On the left you can see Dexter stuffing his ickle face with a slice of apple, definitely a favourite of his.

Now I have to point out blogging isn’t always the easiest thing when you are balancing a life alongside it and I have already – after just a mere week of blogging – found how terribly hard writing about hamsters can be. Its not even so much an issue of content but more I have struggled to get any pictures actually worth using and everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words!
I know they’ve always moved quickly and Im usually left with blurs of fur but I can’t seem to get a single clear photograph!

I end up ambushing them whilst they’re eating or making cooky noises to get their attention.
Basically I look like a nutter chasing round little furries with my phone to try and capture moments of sure cuteness.

How on earth did I manage before?!
I think I need to get a bit more practice in!

So bare with the pictures for a little bit, they shall get better 😉

Oh and make sure you follow via email if you haven’t already! Makes me writing feel all the more worth while! 🙂


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