Help! My Hamster Has A Bloody Bum!

One of the things I pride myself on most for this blog is all the various information you could possibly need about hamsters is in the one place, right here! Poorly hamster
Now as we know Eve sadly past away in Feb of this year (2014) but I felt it only right to document and report her symptoms and treatment and what was actually wrong as someone else somewhere might have the same problem with their pet and want the know-how..


After holding my female Syrian Eve, I noticed a little dried blood around her tail.
Please note I am including pictures of her poorly bum in this post so other worried pet owners can compare. If you don’t wanna see a poorly hammy bum then feel free to not read the rest…

Okay so first things first:
Where is the blood coming from?
If you hamster has just bitten or scratched themselves or even caught there backsides on an edge then you should be able to see that this might be causing the bleed. In this instance you can just take a cotton bud and the smallest amount of clean warm water to gently wash the area. You’ll need to keep an eye on it to make sure its not an irritation to your hamster but you may be able to save a visit to the vet.Hamster has a bloody bum :(
If its not an obvious cut and you suspect its coming from your furries pee then get yourself to the vets, someone needs to take a good look at him/her as soon as possible.

So there is blood in my hamsters pee, now what?
If its blood in your little furries pee then there is no question, you need to get to the vets as sooooon as possible. Blood in your pee for any creature isn’t a good sign.

Is blood a sign of wet tail?
It is only a very very serious sign of wet tail, but chances are you’ll notice a very wet and poopy bottom area before bloody pee if it is wet tail. If you suspect its wet tail, GO TO THE VET NOW!

I took Eve to the vet after I noticed some blood in her bedding and it was drying to her tail and looking probably a lot worse than it was. I couldnt see any open cuts so still figured it was well worth a visit to the vets.
After a little examination, and some very cute waddling over the vets table, it was suggested she had a little case of cystitis.

What is cystitis?
Its a little bladder infection, that apparently isn’t just something humans can suffer with! 

So the vet has sent us home with some antibiotics and some anti inflammatory medicine to try and settle her poorly bum. This medicine comes in a little vile and needs to be administered every Hamster Medicineday for 7 days, preferably after shes eaten. But its surprisingly difficult to get a hamster to actually eat on cue!

Now in this case, cystitis can usually be treated easily with the antibiotics.

In Eve’s case the bleeding was not cleared up because nearing the end of the week course of antibiotics, there was now pus and blood on her bum and this was obviously a sign of something much more serious.

What do I do if the bleeding hasn’t stopped during the course of the antibiotics?
Get yourself to the vets sooner rather than later, I really cannot stress this enough!! The earlier this issue is caught by the vet the better chance your hamster has of recovering. Hamsters are so small and tiny they can be weakened substantially by any little infection so you need to act quick with these things so your hamster can have the most strength to fight back.

The bleeding has cleared up. Is my hamster okay now?
By the sounds of it, yes. Keep a close eye on your hammy over the next 7 days just to be doubley sure though.

What does pus and blood on my hamsters bum mean?

This is my last photo of Eve alive which i took after finding her unconscious. Antibiotics were too little too late for her :( x

This is my last photo of Eve alive which i took after finding her unconscious. Antibiotics were too little too late for her 😦 x

It means you have a very serious infection on your hands, antibiotics are your best shot at clearing this thing up and the sooner you get them into your hamsters system the better chance you have of making a full recovery.
I only have experience of Eve suffering from this and the vet told me it was a womb infection. Obviously I cant be sure if these symptoms or issues would be similar for a male hamster. Basically this infection had gotten so serious for Eve, it had spread to her lungs and was restricting her breathing.

I unfortunately did not catch this symptom quick enough and after a suspected bladder infection already weakening her, Eve did not have the energy or strength to fight this womb infection. I very sadly had to have Eve put to sleep to put her out of her pain and suffering. I hope that if you are reading this worried about your hamster, please go to the vet ASAP to get it checked out. I was too late to help but you dont have to be. Be persistent to your vet, ask questions and be sure they thoroughly examine your small furry! 

If you have any desperate questions, I have a contact page you are welcome to get in touch through. However please remember I am no vet! And if youre hamsters have any of the issues as described above, just take them to a vet! I wont be able to suggest differently!

Stay safe hammys xx

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15 thoughts on “Help! My Hamster Has A Bloody Bum!

  1. How sad. Good that you can warn others though.

  2. What an awful thing to have to go through. So scary. I think you and Eve were both very brave to do what you needed to do. 😦

    Love and licks,

    • Aww thank you cupcake, it was horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, I really wouldn’t 😦 but Eve is sleeping soundly now so I have that to be thankful for. Furry snuggles xx

  3. So sad, but great information which whee are sure will be furry useful to worried hammy pawrents

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  4. Grace Penquite

    Really helped before my teddy bear Uva died

  5. Krissy Fuller

    I just read your post because I was googling on line to see what might have been wrong with my hamster Moochie a few days ago. On Friday I left for a long weekend with my husband and before I left my hamster was perfectly fine. When I came home she was bleeding profusely from her bottom and she was breathing very heavily and was straining to walk. It was horrific to see and I had no idea what could have possibly happened to her. I brought her to the vet and they gave me an estimate of over 800 dollars just to see what was wrong with her!! I was so upset because I could not afford to pay that so to make sure my hamster wasn’t in misery anymore my husband and I had her put to sleep. I’m still reeling over this because it happened so fast and unexpected and the vet couldn’t even tell me what was wrong 😦 I’m wondering if my hamster had the same thing happen to her as yours did. 😦

    • Snowball's mum

      I wanted to add my two recent experiences:

      I was pretty used to taking my two dwarf hamsters with me on an hour and fifteen minute car journey most weekends. On arrival I had their “weekend” cages ready and waiting for them. Then I didn’t do it for a month. In June this year, I decided to take them with me again. Neither seemed very happy in their individual carry cases on Friday evening. They were stretching up to the lid and trying madly to get out. Their carry cases were nice and comfy with chanvre and torn tissue paper with a few treats in there so I tried some comforting words then set off in the car.

      When we arrived an hour and a half later, I set them up in their cages. During the weekend I noticed that the my 2 year old dwarf hamster “Warren” seemed not to be eating her food. It started off OK coz I had watched her do the rounds of stocking her pouches then hiding the food in various corners of the cage on Saturday. On Sunday I found her very immobile in one of her houses and feeling very warm (on reflection afterwards she was probably “hot”). On Monday morning when I was packing them up to leave, I found that Warren was dead in the same little house.

      When I checked her carefully I saw that her tail was long and straggly instead of white, round and fluffy. After looking on-line it seemed clear that poor Warren had suffered from “Wet Tail” in the two day period which had caused diarrheas and a high temperature and unfortunately resulted in her dying. I found that possible causes are STRESS and CHANGING “FOOD” or “ENVIRONMENT”. In the case of Warren, as she was over 2 years old, I believe the travel (which she had done many times before without problem) had stressed her. She probably didn’t like being taken from the environment she was so comfortable with and put into a new one, even though it was quite nice too. Possibly as dwarf hamsters have a 2-2.5 year life span, the break of a month was much longer to her than it is to us, and she was stressed by the “change” in her cosy environment…. Needless to say I was very upset that I probably caused the stress that brought on such a serious illness.

      Tonight I am writing this update because my second dwarf hamster “Snowball” has also died this evening. I adopted her in November 2013 so she was probably 2 year and 4 month old. She had a great life with a massive domain (two cages joined by tubes) to enjoy. I was always looking to bring my hamsters new stimulation to make their environment interesting. I have always fed Snowball (and Warren) 4 varieties of food (2 of them hamster mixes and 2 of them regular seeds and nuts that we human’s eat). She loves them all. Then I made a huge mistake. I purchased around 2 weeks ago “Aromatic Red Cedar Bedding for small animals and kennel”. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

      I only put a small amount in a cage which is otherwise full with chanvre and carefresh and torn up tissue paper. The animal shop told me that the animals love chewing on it. This part seems to be correct HOWEVER I do not believe it is good at all for them to be chewing on it !! It is abrasive in my opinion. I was expecting Snowball to start slowing down due to her age but the change in her was dramatic. From a lively, bundle of energy running from one cage to the other, she became lethargic and I barely saw her for a couple of days. Then tonight I saw her moving around with difficulty in her linking-tubes. I pulled her out and tried to comfort her and she lay in my hands (something she would never do that normally. She would “maybe” allow me a 20 second tickle then she was off !).

      On inspection, I saw that her bottom was full with dried blood. I called the vet and took her there after midnight. The vet told me she had given up on life and the kindest action would be to put her to sleep. He told me that hamsters have EXTREMELY DELICATE digestive systems. I believe that she had enjoyed chewing on this TERRIBLE substance and that it had damaged her insides. PLEASE do not buy this product !! Very dangerous for small hamsters. I had absolutely no problems with Bunny Nature “Bed O’Linum” as my main bedding with several layers of shredded tissue paper and carefresh in another area of her cage. I wanted to write this to warn other hamster owners. It’s crazy that there are products being sold in pet shops which have a devastating effect on our pets. Please be carefu so your pet doesn’t suffer as mine did.

      Snowball you will be missed and I hope your story can save another sweet hamster from suffering.

      was usually (that’s h in the transport carriers and then put

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  8. Ruby

    My hamster has blood on her bum and she has yellow wet stuff which I don’t know what it is and she’s acting weird but its the bank holiday and the vet isn’t open for 3 days 😦 I don’t know what to do

  9. my hamster is bleeding really bad near the bum and its loosing energy😞

  10. I’m only in year 7 and I’m so scared cause my hamster has bleed a lot round the bum but it is not a cut and I’m so scared

  11. Aurora

    I think that what you did was very brave and I want to do the same thing.

  12. Matthew Burrows

    Help my my hamster Oreo has got a bloody bum please help me!!

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