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Snoozes & Scratches

We needed a happy post seeing as it is first week back and I have been all sad the last few posts.
So here is definitely a happy post to put a smile on your faces (if you dont smile, you need to call the hospital and get yourself a HEART!!! ahahha)

For those of you who know Casper, he sleeps. A lot. I probably have mentioned it a few times before and I shall mention it a few times ore again I am sure 😉

He is a narcoleptic hamster, falling asleep at the drop of a hat anywhere and everywhere. I even posted about it in the months after I got him – read it by clicking here 🙂

But then there is a complete polar opposite side to Cas which is rarely seen. Well rarely seen up till now *cue dramatic music* 😉

I dont have photos or words for this crazy side to Casper.. But I do have a video 😀
(This is my ‘here’s one I made earlier’ moment)
Now apologies for the warped volume, keep it on the quiet to save your wee eardrums. But here for you to enjoy are the two sides to Casper.

I hope this comes out okay, I have had a few issues with my ‘movie maker’ software so what started out as a perfectly timed video seems a little jolty but I hope you got the idea all the same. 🙂


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