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Follower Milestone REACHED!

I don’t want to bombard you with posts, one a day is my mantra!  But I really couldn’t resist passing on my thanks and gratitude…

So I’ve only been back blogging for 5 days and you lovely LOVELY readers have already made it more than worth it 🙂
On top of all the lovely comments and likes, I have reached a follower milestone in just these last few days!


It means the world that you want to read more, I shall keep it up!

Even Casper has been keeping a close eye on my iPad screen to watch the comments and feedback come in 😉
'Have we reached our milestone yet mom?'

Keep your eyes peeled for LOTS more hamster-y goodness to come your way! 🙂

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Eves Final Resting Place

Everybody has a different way of commemorating a pets death.

For my hamsters in the past, I have always respected their deaths in the same way.
I put their nest in a box and bury the box in my garden.
To mark the grave I place a ceramic toadstool at the head of the grave.

Friends and family cant help but laugh at all the ceramic toadstools lined up at the back of the garden (not that I am a psycho hamster killer or anything morbid like that, just that a childhood of pet hamsters with a lifespan of 2-3 years means that there is a big family of hamsters in the garden resting in peace). Each and every hamster I have ever owned is buried and remembered in my garden in this way and that is the way I think it should be.

Every pet is a member of the family, no matter how small. And every member of the family deserves to be treated the same.

Eve is now the proud owner of this cute orange toadstool 🙂

Hamster Grave

She can now rest in peace alongside the other hamsters that were equally as beautiful and cute pets. I should also point out the plants and grass all grows back over the summer to make this look a little more natural. As this has been done recently, its still a little muddy and bare. But that fixes itself.

How do you remember your pets?
Let me know in the comments bit below. 

Much love xx

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