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End of an Eve

So as you may be aware from my return post, I am sad to announce the loss of Eve, my beautiful female Syrian.

I wish I had a happier update for this beautiful, friendly little hamster but sadly I need to explain to you what happened.RIP Eve

She sadly was put to sleep on the 21st February 2014 after getting a very nasty womb infection that antibiotics couldn’t fix.

Let me rewind a little bit as this is all seeming so sudden (even just typing it).
I shall eventually post a whole article about the other things to do with Eves health in the lead up to this event as I know my blog is used as a reference for a lot of this kind of thing. People in the future, I am sure, will want to know all the symptoms, treatments and all that malarkey without reading my emotionally attached mumbo with it. 
But for today, I am just briefly going to let you all know what happened and a few pictures to remember little Eve as I would prefer.

Hallo beautiful! xoxoxMid January at some point, I started to notice Eve had a bloody bum, nothing massive but enough to be leave visible dried blood on her bum. (I shall include a photo in the more graphic article – I’d rather have happy pictures here).

I initially put this down to maybe she had caught herself on an edge in her cage. As she has nibbled a number of impressive gouges in the plastic casing of her cage, I didn’t put anything past her really. I kept my eye on her.

It got to the start of February and there was still blood on her bum. It was at the stage where she would walk along the work surface and she would leave marks where she had been. She didnt look uncomfortable, she still seemed her usual self so I naively guess there wasnt such a red light in my head.

I took her to the vets the week after. Eve behaved as good as gold for the nice vet, letting her examine her belly. The verdict was originally cystitis and a week long course of antibiotics.

The next week few days were quite clearly stressful for Eve. If anyone has a hamster that enjoys taking medicine then let me know cos I’m sure that’s just a myth! Anyway, I left her to rest up and carried on as normal.

Eve struggling for breath whilst sat on my chest for warmth x

Eve struggling for breath whilst sat on my chest for warmth x

At about 10pm on Thursday the 20th Feb, as I went up to bed and checked on the hammys to say goodnight and do the nightly medicine feed, Eve was on her back on her flying saucer, unconscious and cold. 😦

I immediately wrapped her up in a blanket and got a little consciousness back in her. But she stayed cold and her breathing was a clear struggle. I fed her droplets of water from her bottle and she seemed to pep up more but she couldnt walk and every breath looked very painful.

Next day, an emergency trip to the vet was booked in. To be honest with you, I was more surprised she survived the night!

Once at the vets, Eves struggle for breath was very apparent. The vet was very concerned and suggested this was no longer cystitis (a bladder infection), it was infact a much more worrying womb infection which had spread over her body and was now shutting down her lungs. The fact the antibiotics hadn’t helped left limited options for treatment obviously. She said her bum had become bloody and pus was present in the blood. Eves tummy even looked almost bruised purple which I hadnt noticed up till now..

I had two choices.
Option 1) Eve could have surgery to spay her, removing her womb and the infection within. However due to the week long antibiotic course and her struggle for breath, the likelihood of survival was incredibly minimal. Even more minimal when we knew the infection had spread to her lungs. And on top of all these odds against us the vet added that she had only performed this surgery on a handful of hamsters in her career.
Option 2) Have Eve put to sleep to stop her suffering.

It was a terrible decision and I blubbed like a baby before the vet had finished explaining the choices.

As I looked at my poor little girl panting and wheezing on the table, pain in her eyes, I knew what had to be done.

We had a lovely little cuddle.


The first picture ever of Eve doing the monkey bars! Remember this old snap people?! Is it me or does Eve have a very rounded face? Eve; all she is missing is a party hat! :D Thats it Eve, scrub up nicely for you vacation! :D Harro Eve ;) IMG_0577IMG_0679

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