Just A Bloggers Birthday

Its my biiiiirthday! Yay! Let me celebrate getting a whole year older! 😀

I love birthdays.

Not so much the present part. I love the ‘its my special day’ part which generally boils down to ‘I-can-do-what-I-want-and-get-away-with-it’ part.

The hamsters will soon experience this joy (well next year at some point). Dexter is about 8 months old now! Isn’t he a BIG boy! And so very handsome too 😛 Bare in mind this is about 4 weeks out due to the fact they’d be about 4-6 weeks old at date of purchase! 😛

(NOTE: these trackers are from date of ownership not technical age)

Eve is right behind him at about 7 months.

And bubba Cas bringing up the rear at about 5 months old. Doesn’t it seem longer! Feels like Ive had all three of them forever! Its so weird to think they are still so young in their lives 🙂

Of course these are educated guesses as they don’t track the ages of their hamsters at the pet store. But at a rough 5-6 week old hamster for sale until today’s date, I have that pretty sussed out.

All of them are just adorable still! They wont quite shake that oober cute baby face just yet. Infact, Im sure they will always look adorable as they do now! 😀 And of course they will always be my little bubbahs!

These age trackers are available for whatever event or occasion. They count donations for charity event and ages of children too. Perfect for any blog! I have just used them to track the age of my hammys! 😀
You can design them to kiddies crawling, plants growing or just plain lines. Click on any  tracker to find out more!
Wonderful stuff!!!

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11 thoughts on “Just A Bloggers Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you party like somebody left the cage door open!

  2. Your blog has been short listed for the ‘Animal Tails Award Ceremony 2012’!!
    To see what you’ve been short listed for and whether you’ve won, please visit:

  3. Happy Belated!!! I’ve been on holiday for the holiday and just now really getting back to the blog so I have catch up. You haven’t posted since this one – are you alright? I might have missed an entry explaining your absence. Hope you and the hams had a lovely Christmas!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Been awfully quiet over here! I just got my blog back up, come check it out!

  5. Happy Birthday! We just saw you on Pet Blogs United and thought we’d say hi!

  6. Hello, from one hamster lover to another 🙂

  7. Happy birthday! I hope this day will be a memorable one for you.

  8. Hi you gorgeous ones. We’re missing you here in South Africa. I hope everything is alright your side.

  9. Heya, just wondering if you are doing ok? Please let us know or drop us an email.


  10. Hello, hope all is well?

  11. HOW DO YOU DO ALL THIS STUFF!!! The website always looks amazing! Oh, and happy birthday.
    (also I have a blog about a hammy named Casper to)

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