My Gorgeous Dexter

You know when you are cuddling your pets and you suddenly get that overwhelming rush of love for them?
They only have to do something sensationally cute or sweet and you really do get this pang of  ‘awwww you are all mine and I love you dearly! How did I ever forget this!’
I only say this because I feel I have slipped into a sort of contempt with the hamsters. Yes, they are wonderful to hold but sometimes the feeling of a chore overtakes the feeling of ‘omg-I-need-to-snuggle-you-right-now’

Well the other day I really did smile from ear to ear at a photo I managed to snap of Dexter. Its like he knew I was taking pics and knew how much I wanted just one decent snap for the blog!

Here he is, my gorrrrrrrrrgeous little Dexter! :))


And check out them famous long whiskers! Isn’t he a handsome devil 😛

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6 thoughts on “My Gorgeous Dexter

  1. So handsome! He’s perfect!

  2. How gorgeous! Dexter is a handsome little guy! Thanks for the smiles tonight, great post!!

  3. What an adorable picture!

  4. What a picture!!! That is such a great, unique photo of a hamster’s position!

  5. I’ve never thought much about hamsters before, but this is just so-o-o-o-o-o sweet!
    Is that cheese he’s holding in his adorable little paws?

    Trixie the Black Panther (and Shimona)

  6. Hi Dexter, how are you?

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