Who Knows Who’s Nose Is Who’s?

Phew that is a mouthful!
Who can say that quickly after a drink or two?? 😀

I have a little party game for you all here.

You may remember something like this when I was away on my holiday in September. The post was Which Hamster Do You Belong To?

Here is the nose version of the game because I couldn’t resist the title pun. I am so easily pleased I tell yah.
Comment all your answers below!




Good luck folks! Answers will be published on Monday so follow to make sure you dont miss out on the results!! ~
Have any ideas??


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4 thoughts on “Who Knows Who’s Nose Is Who’s?

  1. One thing I know for sure. None of those noses is mine. Mine is MUCH bigger!!

    Love and licks and nose nudges,

  2. Toby sniffed and decided that number 4 is Casper…but he got stuck after that I’m afraid. I would say lets do it in person instead but I think he may try to have a nibble at those noses if his reaction to Archie the bunny was anything to go by!
    Hope all those noses are having a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

  3. Toff's Gran

    I think its Dexter, Casper, Dexter, Eve. I Think 1 & 3 are dexter cos he has that sort of light colour fur smile! and 4 is Eve cos you can just see a little brown bit on the right hand side of the white face.
    Give them all a big smaker from me! X

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