Another Blog Post About 12/12/12

If you haven’t read about, heard about, facebooked about, tweeted about or talked about today’s once in a century date then I am here to inform you.
Today is the last day of the century we will see the date 12/12/12
Pretty special right?

Yeah well I only noticed this once in a life time moment pass by at 12:30… so I didnt quite make the whole make a wish at 12:12pm on the 12/12/12.
Darn it! There’s always next year. Never mind… ;/

IMG_2917marked1Anyway back to the three wise hammy’s.

Christmas is fast approaching and what can I say we are all getting in the Crimbo spirit!
Me and the bf have put up our Christmas lights up on the tree and even have some in the window! Well they twinkle down on the hamsters cages and I get that warm festive feeling!

There is nothing like a toasty snuggle on the sofa under sparkly fairy lights!

I have resorted to using paint to edit together some Christmassy spirit pics. I cant seem to find a spare five minutes to actually take a bunch of photos let alone find the little xmas props! So I have spent my evening instead, painting a tiny present into this picture of an eager Dexter.

It turned out a little better than I expected.
It is just paint afterall. I can’t work photo-editing miracles! ๐Ÿ˜›

I hope you are all getting festive yourselves! I may not be posting so much fascinating articles.
What can I say, it is a very busy time of year!
(My alter-ego isn’t Santa I promise!) ๐Ÿ˜›

I will keep up my daily posts, do not fear! ๐Ÿ˜€ I can imagine you are all just as busy as myself!

Till tomorrow!

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One thought on “Another Blog Post About 12/12/12

  1. Cute present! I wonder what it is….

    Love and licks,

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