The Lick Of Love

One of the plentiful problems with multiple hamsters of both genders is that the smells confuse them all.
Let me try to explain this better.
When I hold Eve for a bit, she snuggles on my hand and has a wonder around for a bit before I plop her back into her bed. Ahhh isn’t that lovely. Well yes, that is all very lovely until I then hold one of the boys.


This is the ‘Im gunna lick you’ face.. The eyes all squint up and the nose burrows down.

Now after holding a girl, unbeknownst to me, she leaves her scent on everything she touches (this isnt the smelly-smelly female hamster stink, this is the general female hamster stink that is invisible to humans).
This not only sends both of the boys into a frenzy, but they have a terrible habit of ‘licking’ my hand clean! All that female hamster stink is literally licked clean! And I didnt even have to get up!

I can only describe having your palm licked by a hamster as nerve-wrecking!
Dexter isn’t such a bad licky-ham. He is a bit slobbery but he doesnt bother me too much and the fact he sits still for longer than 10 minutes is a godsend! ūüėõ

Casper on the other hand **bad dum tss** hasn’t quite got the etiquette of licking mastered yet. He uses his teeth to lick so its actually more of a biting, nibbling motion. It kind of tickles for a bit.. until he gets inbetween your fingers – right on that fleshy web bit inbetween your fingers and he ‘nibbles’ that. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a¬†pleasant¬†experience!

A quick squeal and a flick of the wrist and he’s off licking the next surface that Eve happened to¬†traipse¬†by.

Oh to be a hamster, Such simple beings!


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4 thoughts on “The Lick Of Love

  1. It’s kind of like when Mom cheats on me with another dog – or worse – a cat! When she gets home, I can’t stop sniffing where the other pets touched her. At least the hamsters can lick it off. I just have to put up with it! Oh to be a hamster…..

    Love and licks and sniffs,

  2. That’s actually how Nibblet got her name. She likes to nibble me, but she’s. Never bitten me. I’ve heard this is rats grooming their human. I don’t really like it that much either but am getting more used to it I guess.

  3. Toby isn’t bothered by the smell of other animals…but oh he can’t resist the temptation of eye gack or if I’ve scratched in his ears…then he just has to have a lick at it. I have a truly disgusting dog who also licks other doggies wee off bushes when we’re out for a walk. Ah to be a four legged creature lol.

  4. Domenic

    So I have a make Syrian hampster and earlier today I got a female Syrian long haired female hampster and when I touch the female then put her back in her cage I hold my first one the male and he licks my hand! Why is he doing that???

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