The Problem With Hamster Photography

It is fast become a routine where I base my posts on a photograph I have taken in the week of one of the hamsters. I try to take photos as much as I can because I never know what I will post about. and so having lots of nice, focused photographs makes writing a post for later in the week a hell of a lot easier.

I will be the first to admit however that hamsters are not the most photogenic creatures.

And how do you feel about that?

I like to think I have a very high standard of photograph on this blog. It needs to be focused, bright, vivid and all about the hamster.

Its what people want to when they visit this blog to cut the chase short.

So the problem with hamster photography really is they move quickly so its hard to focus and they rarely face the direction you want.
Basically they are the master of avoidance.

I, personally, hate my photo being taken – I don’t have that flawless pout perfected yet so I end up looking like a complete goof. BUT, I love having memories from nights out and days away, so I put up with my goof smile for the greater good of the memories.. Or just pull a stupid face (if I’m gunna look bad, I may as well go all out!)

Hamsters however don’t seem to have this “Ill have my picture taken for the greater good” mentality. And its unbelievably frustrating – especially when I am trying to visualise a blog over here!!

 I find that even the perfectly normal hamster-whisker twitches end up blurring all attempts at decent photography. It has also gotten to the stage where I need to take about 50 pictures in quick succession to even have a remote chance of getting that blissful picture I decide to use on my blog.

I did try using my actual proper camera for some photography, but it ended up being a lot of kerfuffle. And it was never actually handy when I wanted to take the picture.

I am sure all pet-owners will agree, them funny pet moments are fleeting times and rummaging around looking for a camera, switching it on, adjusting the flash settings and then actually lining up the shot ends up being ridiculously time consuming.

So how do you cope with animal photography??
Do you follow any tips when snapping your furry???
Have you got any advice for a struggling animal photographer???

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5 thoughts on “The Problem With Hamster Photography

  1. Cupcake loves posing to have her picture taken, but even with that, I usually take 10 to get one good one. It’s worth it for the extreme cuteness of dog or hamster shots!

  2. I feel your pain haha! Rats aren’t easy to photograph either… and my dog never wants to look at the camera or sit the way I want her to. Plus my children always seem to be interfering with the shots lol… I have no advice really. They say for dogs, do it after they’re tired, maybe that would work for hammies too? Or just take a lot of pics!

  3. Currently, I use my camera phone to take pics of the pets. Here’s what I do: I got this app for my camera called “Camera zoom”. It allows you to set it to rapidly take 4, 8, or 16 pics one right after another (maybe more I’ve never gone over 16) Because it shoots one after another so fast, I usually get one great pic out of all those.

    What you need is something that will allow your camera to rapidly take photos.

    • Thats actually such a brilliant app! Was it on the iphone?? I could really do with something like this! 😀 Currently my camera is ridiculously slow at taking pictures so they blur even if theyre barely moving!

      • I have a Motorola Droid, but there probably is an app for Iphone that will do the same thing. You will have to search for apps that help with taking photos. 🙂

        You take great pictures, by the way. You really know how to showcase a hamster.

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