Handmade Hammy Gift #1 – Funky Tunnel-Tube

I promised you some handmade crafts to fill those hamster-stockings! And here I am with instalment number ONE! 😀

Now before I begin I would like to point out that this can actually be done for ANY occasion, so that could be your hammys birthday / they just need cheering up/ or like I am demonstrating here, Christmas of course!

It is not expensive, it is some thrifty thinking and just perfect to make your hammy’s feel that festive spirit!

It is a decorative tube for your furries!

No more than 1 minute! 😛

Some wrapping paper, a used up toilet roll/kitchen roll or even pringle tube, some sellotape and some scissors! 😀


Step 1

When wrapping up those Christmas presents – keep hold of the scraps that you cut off and would otherwise throw away. You wont need much! If there aren’t any scraps, just cut a small section off and place to one side.
This is the brilliance of this little gift is that it doesnt need to be Christmas wrapping paper. It could be birthday wrapping paper or even just a pretty designed wrapping paper. Whatever takes your fancy (I would still to paper though as the foil wrapping papers may not be so good for hamsters cages)

Step 2.

Take your tube/tunnel and place it in the centre of your wrapping paper scrap. Remember if you don’t have an actual tube bought from a shop a used up toilet roll inner-bit is just as good and practically free as you’d only throw it away anyway!!
If you have a bigger furry, a washed out pringles tube with the ends popped out is also perfectly good! Just make sure that you have enough wrapping paper for whatever sized tube you are using!

Step 3

Use small tabs of sellotape to stick down the wrapping paper as it covers the tube.  Trim the excess paper from the edges as you want it to look all neat and voila! You have yourself one funky tubey-tunnel for your hamster!!!

Quick, easy and doesnt need to cost you any extra pennies! It really can be whatever you make of it and it can brighten up your hamsters environment! Who said handmade had to be complicated!
Use that imagination of yours!

That’s one hamster stocking filler down, I wonder how many more to go?! 😉
Lots of love!

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One thought on “Handmade Hammy Gift #1 – Funky Tunnel-Tube

  1. Great cheap, easy idea! I will be using this at christmas!

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