Christmas Presents For Your Hamster

Humans aren’t the only creatures that love to be spoilt on Christmas!
Hamsters want in on the action too!!!

Over the next week I will be posting ideas for a personal and home-made hamster stocking – perfect for your loved small furries!
But in the mean time, here are the quick fixes that will cost you a few bob.
So if you don’t necessarily have the time to make your own hammy-stoking you can at least have an idea of what to buy them!

Pets at Home do a very cute Christmas-y range of the following:

Pets at Home StockingThis is the stocking they roll out for small furries annually. It is a collection of choccy drop treats, fruity shapes and chew toys. What more could a hamster ask for?! Its easy and quick to buy for your loved furry and so is practically the complete gift on a small money budget and time scale. At £3.50 each, I could get all three of mine one! 😀

Christmas dinner for your hams? why not!

Thought Christmas dinners were a human tradition??
Think again!
These cute, dainty shaped chew toys are perfect to include your furries in on the festivities. How awesome is that little turkey?! Also for just £2.00 they are definitely worth it – theyll last at least a week or two and you have 4 to use up! As far as cute gimmicks go, this is right up there in the top 5 😀

 Or how about a festive garland?!

And if a miniture hamster crimbo dinner wasnt enough – how about a bit of cage decoration. This santa garland hangs off the cage bars and creates a chew toy for the ham as well as a little colour to the cage! It is the tinsel of the hamster-world! Okay, so after Decemeber it may not be quite the most perfect cage decoration but as a little treat it would be worth the £4.00.

So these are the quick purchases you could make for your hamster this Christmas – keep tuned if you want to see some homemade gift idea’s too! 😀
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One thought on “Christmas Presents For Your Hamster

  1. Whee love the Christmas dinner thingys. Mummy got us them last year. If you look around there are plenty of festive furry delights!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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