Best Blog Award November 2012

Once again this is delayed (supposed to be the first of the month thing) but thankfully I have been reminded!
Thank goodness too because I would probably not have remembered until the end of the month, and some use that would be.

I guess this ‘time’ malarkey really is getting the better of me!
Hang in there folks, I’m getting there! I haven’t given up yet! 😀

So back to the month of November; a busy month (by my standards). I worked my first full month of full-time work, YAY ME! I made light work of my paycheck mind you! I am a natural born shopper, what can I say.

So the blog has taken a bit of a tumble from my stance. Getting the chance to sit down and reply to every single comment has become a not-so-common luxury. However, I am still posting daily (okay so my timings aren’t so consistent and I usually end up posting later on in the evening but the main thing is I have put something up every single day so far. And I will continue even if it kills me!)

I have still been reading my lovely followers blogs, old and new.
And of course the month of November would never be quite complete without me bragging about my top 3 favourite blogs over the past 4 weeks.

Without further ado and waffling the runners up are as follows:

Our Dachshund Sophie
This blog is just inspirational. Sophie is a gorrrrrgeous and very unique dog! And the ‘heading’ on the blog says it all: A blog featuring our dachshund Sophie’s story of life with paralysis, filled with inspiration, support, fun and food, in honor of all the wonderful pets in our lives. I quite honestly couldn’t recommend this blog more for all those pet lovers out there and beyond!

Stargazing Under Coconut Trees
This is yet another wonderful blog! The colours and quirkiness of the posts are keeping me entertained day in, day out! If you are ever in need of a random (a slightly eccentric) muse of things, then look no further! A blogging delight and a much anticipated runner up!

And now for the winner of Novembers best blog award…
*drum roll please*

Best Blog Award November 2012

Animal Tails
It very nearly killed me not placing this amazing blog in Octobers best blog award but I really wanted to see more of the blog and give it the really recognition I believe it truly deserves. Hamster blogs are few and far between so when you find a super-duper hamster blog you know you are onto a good thing! It may not be a WordPress blog but when you have such a class blog (and are blogging about the worlds cutest subject – yes Im talking about you Willow!) there really is every exception! If you are reading this blog now and enjoy what I post about, then you really are going to LOVE Animal Tails.

As winner of my November best blog award 2012, you have the icon above to do with what you please! I will be posting it on the left-sidebar so that for the next month, people who visit my blog will have a link to your site. It will also be placed onto the Blog Awards page along with all the other months winners and runners up, as a permanent reminder that you rock!! 😀
Congratulations again!!

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9 thoughts on “Best Blog Award November 2012

  1. Congrats!

    I can’t even describe to you how much this means to me! I have written a thank you post (which will be published tomorrow) to say a big thank you for awarding this to me! And also thank you so much for the kind words too!
    I will definitly have a look at the runner-up blogs too – they look great!
    Yet again, thanks so much!

    • You make me such a happy blogger! 😀 You blog superbly, you comment and participate in other blogs and it actually makes blogging all the more worth while. 😀
      I have checked out your post – seriously your words are too kind 😀 Keep blogging Hannah, and a toasty squeeze to Willow from us 4 😀 xxxxx

  3. Congratulations to Animal Tails! Such a wonderful blog!

  4. Well done – full month worked, pay cheque received and consistently getting blogs out. I’m truly impressed!

  5. Congratulations! A well deserved award!

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