Hamsters On The BIG Screen

Now I am quite a big telly fan. I catch-up all the shows I miss in the wee as well as re-watch whole series of those awesome american shows (supernatural and heroes to name just 2).

Netflix is a pretty great thing. I am not just shamelessly plugging this TV service for the fat its got lots of things I like to watch on it…
The advert is just my cup of tea.
And when I see a decent advert, in between all them awful repetitive ones, I like to not them down.

Netflix, you have done me proud. Hamsters being their TV mascot almost is a very clever thing. You have me on board guys! You had me at the whiskers!

If you havent seen this, just give it a quick watch. Not for the Netflix ad itself, but for the SUPER cute hamsters that star in it.

Enjoy the TV cuteness…

P.S. the black and white banded hamster in this ad is just ADORABLE!!!

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4 thoughts on “Hamsters On The BIG Screen

  1. They are super cute! I wish they would make a dog commercial. And audition me!! 🙂

    Love and licks,

  2. How cute! My favorite hamster commercial is the Kia car commercial one. Have you seen that one?

  3. Aww. Mummy loves that advert. She thought of you guys when she saw the lloyds advert with the cartoon hamster and the hoomans realising they spent lots on the hammy. It is really funny!


  4. I love this advert, and the hamsters are so sweet! 😀

    I absolutely love your posts and your blog, so I nominated you for the Super Sweet blogging award! 😀 I know some people don’t like these awards so you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. I really thought you deserved the award cause your blog is great and I love hearing all about Dexter, Casper and Eve!

    Award post: http://hannah-animal-tales.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/super-sweet-blogging-award.html

    Hannah (Animal Tails blog) xx

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