‘Simply Nibbles: Little Hearts’ Review

More treats?!
MORE treats?!!!

How spoilt are these hammy’s?! Seriously.

When walking round Morrison’s Supermarket, I am never actually impressed with their small pet section. The shelf consists of an exercise ball (that hasn’t been touched in at least 3 months – honest!), some sawdust and a rack of bottles. The treat selection is limited to say the least with just a small bag of chocolate drops. One choice of treats Morrison’s, ahh come onnnnn!!!

Well clearly they too thought this when looking at their pet section. Because when I was there in the week, I noticed a few more bits and pieces had been added to the shelf. A few different types of treats and chew-sticks! Round of applause for the supermarket!

The one I decided to go for and try out:
‘Simply Nibbles: Little Hearts”

The packet itself is quite large, holding a generous portion of these pink, green and cream heart shaped treats.
The hearts are paw-sized. So lots smaller than them apple strudel biscuits from the other week, but still large enough to be a good chompful for the hamsters!

These treats are actually a very good price at £1.19

So rather a good stocking filler for your hamster if you are into that kind of thing!
(Don’t worry I have a December post for this hamster stocking fillers thing for you all to look forward to)

Anyway back to the hearty nibbles. All three hamsters wasted no time in pouching these bad boys! Gone within the blink of an eye!

Dexter stuffed them straight in his pouch and then just moments later I could hear some very noisy nibblings going on from the belly of his bed! CHEEKY!

Eve sniffed them for a second, then sniffed my fingers – suspicious woman! But she did take a tedious bite from them and then proceed to stuff the remaining bit in her cheek. Didn’t want to miss out me giving her more!

Casper had a very different approach. He ate them one by one. I gave him a green one to start with and delicately crunched through it. Polished the whole heart off before sniffing my hand for another one. Oh alright then fatty!!

They are quite noisy treats; they pack a crunch thats for sure but this makes them oh so fabulous for their teeth as they always need a good crunch to wear them down. And to add to all this, they are 100% natural ingredients so I know they are all good for my hamsters bellys so can have 2 or 3 in one sitting. I feel like I am spoiling them rotten but they love it! And its coming up to Christmas after all! They deserve a bit of loving!! Ok, so they deserve a LOT of loving! 😀

They might need a air-tight tub or box to be kept in though becuase once that bag is open there is not way of shutting it! 😛

So the positives; affordable at £1.19, dainty sized, colourful, plentiful, 100% natural and very tasty!
Negatives: Just the awkward packaging making it difficult to reseal for freshness.

These are definitely a tasty winner! And so handy when you just want to treat your little furry! 😀

Available from Morrisons.

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2 thoughts on “‘Simply Nibbles: Little Hearts’ Review

  1. New treats! I wish Mom would go shopping with an eye out for some new treats for me!

    Love and licks, and hoping for something to crunch,

  2. Omigosh. Whee nearly missed this. can whee ask if they are suitable for guinea pigs? Mummy brought some similar treats back from her holiday and Nibbles loved them but whee cannot get them here on find anything like them. They to were little hearts.


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