Feel The Love People!

After my post last week, I was touched by people stories about how they, like me, loved their pets to pieces but struggled sometimes with the work/life balance. I decided a post dedicated to the adored pets of the blogosphere was in order!

You sent me your pictures of your loved pets and that one thing you could tell them that they’d never forget! And here they are, all framed and beautiful for your viewing delight!

Let me just say this now, you are some very loved pets!!

Genuinely, lovely to hear such nice words about your furries! Welling up over here!!! 😀
Thank you for sending these in everyone! The pictures are fabulous!

Another one is definitely on the cards if you have missed out this time!!!

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6 thoughts on “Feel The Love People!

  1. Those are so SWEET! A furry can never have too much love! xoxo

    Hugs and cuddles,

  2. Aww brought tears to my eyes too! So many well loved and very cute furbabies!
    Wags and sniffs from Toby and much love from his mummy too xx

  3. How cute! Love it!

  4. Adorable pictures and quotes! There are some very loved pets out there ❤

  5. Gorgeous pictures and great to see so many pet lovers.

  6. You are so devoted to your little guys and girls. It is amirable!

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