You Have Something In Your Teeth…

You know when you’re talking to a person and you suddenly spot that lingering piece of lunch clinging onto their front tooth?! That incredibly obvious spinach leaf just sitting their happily on that person tooth. They don’t know it’s there! They keep smiling away, oblivious to the toothy-horror going on in their own mouths.
And the worst part is, you can’t NOT stop looking at it once you’ve noticed it. It’s all you can look at. Don’t stare, don’t stare, don’t stare… Damn, I’m staring at it!!!
And then there is that socially awkward etiquette of do you point out the leaf and embarrass your companion, or leave it there and let them carry on regardless?!

Why am I going into extreme detail about this foody-faux-pas??
Well it happened to me today. And I found myself in the position where I was torn between embarrassing them and just letting it be.
I let it be.
But I did manage to sneak a photograph so you can all see the dilemma I was in…


You see my problem.
Here is Casper, happily sitting in my palm after a good munch on a tasty broccoli stalk, and he didn’t quite manage to eat the lot. In fact, a large proportion of the treat was still hanging onto his front teeth. . .
And so the social conundrum began.

I didn’t risk upsetting him by pointing out “ere cas, you got some green stuff round ya mouth…” because he’s such a delicate bubba. So I just muttered “umm.. Lovely weather were having haha *realises its raining outside* or not….” forcing myself to keep eye contact.
Once I put him back to bed he was still none the wiser. Emptied the lot into his bed-food-cubby-hole and the bit stuck to his teeth vanished with it.
Crisis averted.

So my dear friends, what would you do in this situation?! Do you tell them they’ve got something there? Or do you leave them to it, hoping they’ll notice themselves??


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8 thoughts on “You Have Something In Your Teeth…

  1. He he – but that’s for later 😀

  2. I hope he doesn’t read the blog! *snickers*

  3. So embarrassing for him. It’s good you let it be.

  4. Oh, by all means leave them to it. Ha, ha

  5. Starfruit

    Hahahaha! 😀 Okay, Casper can get away with it on cuteness merits. But if that was the case with a ‘human’ subject … hahahaha! 😀

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