Feel The Love Campaign

After yesterdays post about how difficult I am finding it to cuddle my pets regularly and plentifully over the day, I realized how I was not alone. Infact I was far from it!

So many of you commented telling me about how you too struggle to manage the balance like me and I got some wonderful advice on how to “deal” with it.

Like, holding/snuggling even for a short amount of time once a day. That daily interaction is enough to keep your pets occupied and remind them that you haven’t forgotten them. We all like to be reassured some days – pets are like this too.

And knowing that I am not a bad person for not always finding the time to let them all run about in their exercise balls makes me feel slightly less guilty about my scheduling.  We are all human after all and sometimes an hour long cuddle and playtime is not practical.

I talk to them and stroke them if I don’t actually hold them. So I’m doing my best and giving it my all if nothing else.

Anyway, I have strayed off topic a bit here.
I want to put together a picture gallery.
A picture gallery of ALL the loved and adored creatures from the blogosphere!!

Please email me your favourite picture of your furry at hamsterdiaries@yahoo.co.uk and in the message part include the following.
If you could tell your pet ONE THING, that’ll they’ll understand and remember forever, what would it be?

I really need all your help for this one guys – it doesnt have to be much, just a sentence is perfect!
I just really want to do this post for all the loved animals, big and small 😀

Thanks 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Feel The Love Campaign

  1. oooh lovely idea! xox

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