Finding The Time

Now from the title of this blog you may think I am about to whine about my new work life/social life balance and how I am struggling to manage the blog whilst working till almost 6 everyday and all that jazz.
Well this blog hasn’t quite sunk to that mundane level just yet πŸ˜‰

But it is along them lines, just hamster related (and something I think some people out there could benefit from reading).

Yes I am going to mention the work thing. But only quickly.

When I get back from work, the first thing I do isn’t always hold the hamsters. It has definitely slipped on my priorities. I have found myself just flopping on my sofa and catching up with the boyfriend. I usually pick up Casper first, he’s so sleepy still he doesn’t run around much and so I can hold him calmly and not feel manic.
In the evenings they are all so hyperactive they become hard to hold for long periods of time.

Finding the time to snuggle each of my hammy’s and give them all my undivided attention is proving very difficult.
And this makes me a sad panda.

I still do hold them all everyday. Without fail.

But some days, its not for very long. I have even struggled to get them all in their exercises balls over the last week.
Where does all the time go?!

Do you have any advice for me?? Am I still adjusting to the changes?? Do you set yourself a set time to occupy your furries in the evenings? Or are there some days you just don’t have the time ?? ://
All advice welcome πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Finding The Time

  1. I’m dealing with the same, my furry beast demands attention and he deserves it.
    Dogs are different tho, they easier to handle, with Doggy I only have to put my foot on his belly and he stays there while I’m checking the blog and writing, that is not an option with hamsters tho.

    • Its nice hearing Im not the only one struggling with this balance. Although you’re right about not being able to put my foot onna hammy. Would squish ’em flat πŸ˜› I do sometiems hold them when Im typing but they need constant supervision and cant be left for five seconds without chewing/licking/scratching something πŸ˜›

  2. Mom has no advice. She mostly works from home, so I can bother her, I mean play with her any time I want. It sounds to me like you’re doing fine. Boyfriend first, pets second. Yup. You got it.

    Love and licks,

    • Hahaha I wish I could take my hammys to work with me so they can bother, I mean PLAY with me too 😦 Would be so cute to have them running round my desk haha, causing mayhem Im sure πŸ˜€ xxx

  3. It is so hard. I don’t even know tips. I struggle to make enough time with two kids. My infant is as all infants – high needs. And my 3 year old is busy busy busy. I glance over at my critters all the time and yearn to just “escape” and hold and play with them and make more things for them and improve on their cages which I am so fond of doing.

    Well, at least with my Robos – spending time with them isn’t a problem. They don’t want human attention. They are just for watching. But my dwarf and syrian – I feel so sad. And my gerbils need more of my interaction to get tamer. But I do make time every day even if it’s only for a few minutes – to do something with them all.

    It helps that I made a big play pen thing for them the other day. Even if I can’t do one on one I can let them have some more space to roam about even if it’s not truly free ranging.

    • Its such a pain trying to balance everything right isnt it. You have it even tougher, with more furries and small kiddies too! I think its good your making a small amount of time for them all every day, that way they are getting the attention still. I need to do that. I held Dexter and Casper for a while today but Eve is on heat so is very smelly atm. That makes her very hard to play with some days. Its nice to know someone else is in the same position as me, even if it is a pretty rubbishy position to be in ;// xx

  4. Oh it’s a guilt I know only too well, my poor Toby (who has just abandoned me to sneak upstairs) doesn’t get as much attention as I wish I could give him. He deserves 24/7 cuddles and play time but I just can’t manage it. As Doggy said it’s different with dogs but I make sure I make time for his walks ever day and like just now, I got in from a late shift at work and after a quick flop on the sofa I got down on the floor and we had a bit of play time. All we can do is try to make those little snippets of time for our furry friends xx

    • Thats so true, and I guess them snippets of quality time are enough for the furries to be honest. Just to get that attention, even for a short time lets them know theyre stilled cared about. Hhahaha and I know that flop feeling at the end of the day. Any movement there after is serious effort haha πŸ˜› I am putting together a gallery of all the super cute pets from the blogosphere. This post really made me realise that all of us love our pets even if its not always shown every day, so I want to do a special photo post of all the loved creatures. Would love to include your Toby in it :)) Ive put all the details on todays post :

  5. I know the feeling of working long days. I used to work from 7am to 6pm… well really 6pm meant 7pm or 8pm… I’m probably lucky now since I don’t work anymore. Well I still have to watch a baby all day but still. I usually let my rat out at night to run around on my computer desk while I work or on a shelf in the kitchen while I cook dinner or clean.

    • Aww thats rubbish. Several times this week I’ve said to myself ‘right leaving before 5 today mrs.’ and I still drag my sorry feet in after 6… I shouldnt complain, Im lucky to have a job but I miss the freedom of having all the time in the world to enjoy the things I love. I am putting together a photo gallery of all the beloved pets of the blogosphere, would appreciate a photo of your rat for it :)) I put all the info on my latest post :

  6. I agree with Doggy’s Style…dogs are easy because all they need is a touch and don’t need all of your attention. I know mine are usually busy sleeping anyway πŸ™‚ The other thing is that I can’t NOT give them attention. They are in my face as soon as I get home. So…the moral of the story is nope, no advice πŸ™‚ I will offer this thought though. I know that I look forward to cuddling with my furries to decompress from my day not as yet another thing I have to find energy for.

    • Hahahaa awwww it must be lovely to be greeted with such admiration everyday, that is the beauty of doggys. They never lose that passion and excitement πŸ˜› Thats also true, there is nothing more relaxing than a snuggle with a cute furry to make the stresses of the day go away :)) If you have a picture of your dogs, I am putting together a photo gallery of the blogospheres loved pets πŸ˜€
      Would love yo see your beloved pooches πŸ˜€

  7. First and foremost, sorry for being so absent! With my busy times I have prioritized petting/playtime over blogging. But anyways, have you tried taking 5-10 minutes every morning? I do this now, I give them fresh food and cuddle them for a little bit. This way, however the day goes, I will have cuddled them at least once that day. I never skip a morning, if I am rushing I at least stick a finger in the cage and talk to them besides putting in the food. Hows everything going?

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