Casper Takes The Biscuit… Literally!

So yesterday I reviewed the ever-delightful apple strudel biscuits from Pets at Home for you. The tastiness of these treats proved too much for Dexter and resulted in a very amusing cheek-stuffing-motion which you can see on video.
I will pop that one in the video page (which you can see up on the top right corner there – ALL the hamster diaries videos are on there so check them all out again – relive the hamster-magic!)

Today I just HAVE to show you Casper’s reaction to these treats. Its unbelievably cute!

So I’ll set the scene for you.
I rustle the treat packet, forgetting Casper is as deaf as a post and so he carries on oblivious.
I take the last apple strudel biscuit out and wave it teasingly in front of Casper’s nose.
His whiskers twitch.
I pass him the biscuit.
He grabs in in his teeth.
And the excitement just overwhelms him.
Let the running around like a headless chicken, commence! 😀

I hope this made you all smile as much as it did me! 😀 Such excitement!
I also think there was a little bit of “oh please dont steal my strudel biscuit mummy! Oh please dont steal it!” going through his head 😛
Either way you look at it, its funny 😛

Have a great weekend everyone, xxx

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2 thoughts on “Casper Takes The Biscuit… Literally!

  1. OMG That just cracked me up so much. Apt song choice LOL

  2. Lol, he must find the perfect place to eat it!

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